L&D Predictions For 2022


2022 Predictions for L&D


L&D 2022: Training for Change and Talent Scarcity

It’s been a wild ride through the pandemic, yet it seems we are emerging with renewed relief that normalcy may finally be here. Hooray.

With recent Australian Financial Review headlines reflecting an economy that just won’t quit – evidenced by a 13 year record low jobless rate of 4.2%, all things point to a post COVID recovery.

However, for L&D practitioners there are some thorny issues on the horizon – not the least of which is a talent and skills shortage.

L&D As Saviour During The Great Resignation

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Top 5 Authoring Software 2022

Top 5 Authoring Software 2022

What are the best authoring software solutions for your enterprise in 2022 and beyond?

The experts weigh in on the best eLearning authoring tools in Australia right now that will help you achieve your elearning and development goals this year and beyond.

To compile a list which is both credible and objective, we have sourced opinions from global and regional experts together with the ITC Learning Custom Development Services team, who work in a ‘software-agnostic’ way, using a range of well-known authoring software tools to help clients achieve their objectives.

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Using Microlearning to Cut Through With Millennials and Gen Zs

Why Modern Learners Want Microlearning

With a high percentage of employees who are tech savvy, mobile and working remotely – you’ll need to deliver to their expectations. And bite sized learning is going to be big in 2022.

First, let’s take stock of your organisation.

How many of these factors apply to your organisation’s employees?

  • A high percentage of Millennial, Gen Y, and/or Gen Z employees
  • Employees who are “field-based,” spend their work hours away from a desk, and/or typically complete work activities on mobile devices
  • A workforce that is keen to adopt new technology

Now let’s be honest; does this list also describe your workforce?

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What Does The Metaverse Mean for L&D?

What does the metaverse mean for L&D?

Facebook’s recent rebrand to ‘Meta’, and announcement that it is hiring 10,000 people in Europe with the sole focus of building the ‘metaverse’, signals a move away from simply social to something different – and well, more ambitious.

But what the heck is the metaverse? And what does it mean for those of us in L&D?

While we’ve yet to fully know how Zuckerberg’s vision will pan out, the vision is that the future of digital engagement is a blended life, where we exist not only IRL but in the digital realm.

Given our current environment, it isn’t much of a leap to accept his vision of this hybrid existence, where our lives straddle two different worlds.

But before we dig into the wild speculation of what this could mean for us mere mortal L&D professionals, a bit of context setting is always useful.

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Techniques to Compete in an Attention-Starved World

Techniques to compete in an attention-starved world

Our attention is a valuable resource. Not too long ago, three major networks scheduled weekly events like “TGIF” and “Must See TV” to capture it. Now there is a plentitude of channels and apps that we can watch anytime, anywhere. We sneak our binge-watching between texts, Gchats, Slacks, and emails—and maybe even the occasional old-fashioned phone call.

As the Berkeley Economic Review notes, our present-day technology exposes us to an overwhelming amount of information, strategically aimed at capturing our attention. Popular entertainment and social media platforms generate revenue by connecting users to content, increasing the number of users, and increasing the time they spend interacting with each other and the platform. But the more information we receive, the more scarce and limited our attention becomes.

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