Game-Based Learning For Soft Skills Building & Leadership

Not only were the world’s leading TV commercials (and Taylor Swift) on show during the recent Super Bowl – so was an initiative by the NFL Foundation (National Football League) for Healthy Relationships and Wellbeing.

Our partners at ELB Learning developed custom educational games for the NFL to help kids build healthy relationships, combat bullying and deal with social media.

See the video below from the Super Bowl. And read the case study behind the eLearning game by ELB Learning.


Research shows that game-based learning is incredibly effective and impactful for social and emotional learning. But games are incredibly effective when it comes to eLearning within organisations too.

When we think of game-based learning, it’s easy to picture math quizzes, language exercises, or even coding challenges. However, one of the most potent applications of play and games lies in the realm of soft skills development.

Game-Based Learning Fosters Social And Emotional Learning

In the corporate landscape, soft skills are often the glue that holds teams together and drives successful projects. In most organisations, these skills of teamwork, leadership, and communication are invaluable. So how can games bridge the gap?

Game-based learning, with its interactive experiential nature offers a fresh and engaging avenue to develop these crucial skills.

Did you know that when work is gamified, as many as 89% of employees experience heightened motivation?

Research also shows that the use of gamification and serious games in the workplace can be a promising tool to enhance  engagement, collaboration and decision-making processes among employees.

And games are good for the bottom line, too. Recent research has proven that companies that use gamification are seven times more profitable than those that do not use gamified elements at work.

Off-The-Shelf Courses Provide Cost-Effective Soft Skills Training

It’s also not as scary as you think to create and customise a game.

However, proven and popular games in our off the shelf courses can be customised to address soft skills, professional development and other broad skills.

So, go ahead and quickly try a game.

Building your own eLearning course can easily take up to 80 hours of development time – for just one interactive course. You can save your team the cost of all those development hours and choose an off-the-shelf library of games that fits your training needs and is ready for immediate deployment.

As the lines between work and play blur, there’s a clear message: the game is on, and it’s time for corporate training to level up.

For more information and our expert help in customising games for your organisation, contact our expert team below:

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