Game-Based Learning For Soft Skills Building & Leadership

Not only were the world’s leading TV commercials (and Taylor Swift) on show during the recent Super Bowl – so was an initiative by the NFL Foundation (National Football League) for Healthy Relationships and Wellbeing.

Our partners at ELB Learning developed custom educational games for the NFL to help kids build healthy relationships, combat bullying and deal with social media.

See the video below from the Super Bowl. And read the case study behind the eLearning game by ELB Learning.

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Create Something As Engaging As Instagram And Addictive As Candy Crush

CenarioVR IT Cosmetics Training Promo

How IT Cosmetics Engaged & Immersed Its Sales Force

Moving Training From PDF To Passport Journey

For a young cosmetics brand, it’s challenging to ensure that products are known and highlighted in the open-sell environment. IT Cosmetics, a division of L’Oreal and top beauty brand sold at ULTA Beauty, QVC, Sephora, and a variety of other retailers, set out to find creative ways to make fast facts and information available at their educator’s fingertips. In 2018 Shannon Pirie Charles, Group Vice President of Education asked, “In an open-sell environment like Sephora and Ulta, education is pivotal and we are constantly asking ourselves…how do we stand out?”

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Squid Game Proved To Game Is Human, Making eLearning Gamification A Winner

As the most watched show ever aired on Netflix, Squid Game’s success proves gaming connects on a universal level.

The premise of the film is simple, but compelling.

In the first game in the show, all 456 contestants can only move when the face of a sinister mechanised doll is turned away from them. Those caught out are mown down with machine-gun fire.

Why did Squid Game’s creator Hwang Dong-hyuk create such a horrifyingly brutal contest that holds human life so cheap? “Because the show is motivated by a simple idea,” he says. “We are fighting for our lives in very unequal circumstances.”

So how can organisations leverage our competitive natures, to create effective eLearning?

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Want Better eLearning ROI? Gamify It With The Game Agency


Got game? If not, then you’re probably missing out on some much-needed engagement in your eLearning program.

ITC Learning just announced The Game Agency is in da house. No need to start looking at outsourcing expensive game design, because through adding ‘the power of play’, we now offer a one-stop shop for online learning.

Game-based learning is growing annually by 30% in the US, and according to PwC, Australia now has one of the highest per capita spends on video games in the world.

Gamified Training Boosts Motivation 83%

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