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Courseware Library Features

ITC Learning is the leading Online compliance training provider, offering extensive Courseware Libraries allowing you to rapidly distribute standard off the shelf eLearning content, such as WH&S guidelines and anti-bullying policies – all in your company’s branding.

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Australian Developed

Courseware is developed in Australia featuring Australian culture, style, voiceovers and examples to enhance learner familiarity with the content.

ANU Endorsement

Course content developed in consultation with the HR Division of the Australian National University to ensure a selection of quality learning resources.


Delivery and tracking in your LMS (or ours) is simple because courseware is AICC/SCORM compliant.


Courses are guaranteed to align with your business standards and branding, where the customisation of content can be easily carried out by us or you!


Extensive interactivity improves learner engagement throughout the courses with modern web 2.0 presentation style.

Competency Management

Interactive testing features assist with competency management and can prescribe learning paths that accelerate learning time.

Nationally Accredited

Link with Registered Training Organisations to uplift your online programs to nationally accredited units such as Certificate II in Retail.

Interactive Testing

Assists with competency management
and can prescribe learning paths that accelerate learning time.

Legally Reviewed Courses

Reviewed by Meridian Lawyers, our course content imparts an overview of general legal principles to train your workforce in line with best legal practice.

Available Libraries and Packages

Complete Compliance Essentials

The essential courses your organisation needs to be compliant.

Five courses your organisation needs to be compliant: Code of Conduct, Diversity and EEO, Positive and Productive Workplace, Privacy, Work Health and Safety.

Compliance Training


The Compliance Training Library has a range of customisable, engaging and interactive legal compliance courses that allow you to quickly train your people to be aware of their legal obligation. These courses have been reviewed by Meridian Lawyers to ensure relevant information regarding good legal practice.

Management & Supervisory


The Management and Supervisory Training Library introduces skills and techniques for supervisors, team leaders and managers. Within the course you will find an intentional bias towards people skills that build management rather than technical expertise.

Business Skills


This Business Skills Library targets the skill gaps of people entering the business world. It includes template courses for Orientation and Occupational Health and Safety, as well as a series of courses that are ready to run directly off the shelf.

Retail Training


The Retail Training Library introduces skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in a range of activities and functions requiring basic retail operational knowledge and limited practical skills in a defined context.

Create Your Own Customised Package


Pick and choose courses from any of the available libraries to create your own package to suit your business needs. Enquire below.

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