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4 Tips for Creating a Winning Immersive Learning Strategy

With social distancing and training, conference and travel cutbacks, VR training is critical. It’s also effective in that it’s immersive.
We show you step by step how to calculate and justify your budget, to kickstart your immersive learning strategy using VR.

The 5 Seismic Forces Driving The Reinvention of Learning and Talent: A Human Framework for Reskilling

In this white paper, Piers Lea, Chief Strategy Officer of Learning Technologies Group, pinpoints the seismic forces that are compelling large organisations to reinvent learning and talent with an empathetic eye on their people.
Continuous development for improved performance in the workplace

70:20:10 Continuous Development for Improved Performance in the Workplace

Organisations cannot afford to ignore change. New technology and services, an evolving regulatory environment, new ways of communicating and working together, and the changing expectations of both clients and employees all require us to think and act differently.
The 70:20:10 primer

70:20:10 Learning Model

Over the past few years the 70:20:10 model has generated a great deal of interest. Many organisations are experimenting with 70:20:10 or starting to use it to help them build more effective solutions.
Building and airtight LMS budget

Building an Airtight LMS Budget

Leadership in the learning and development (L&D) space is about more than just great content – it’s about delivering excellent training that engages, informs, and challenges learners.
Engagement through workplace learning

Engagement Through Workplace Learning

Learning in the workplace not only increases organisational performance and productivity, but it increases engagement and retention, too.
Evidence suggests workplace learning is even more important than formal learning for creating value for our organisations.
eLearning trends of 2018

eLearning Trends for 2018

The eLearning industry is never static. Just as technology continues to evolve, reinvent itself, and thrive (or die) in all technology-reliant industries, the same is true in eLearning specifically, and learning and development (L&D), broadly.
Building a culture of learning

Building a Culture of Learning

A workplace in which learning is a valued way of life, knowledge is readily shared, and performance steadily improves—at both the individual and organisational levels—is the vision that drives companies to establish and expand cultures of learning. Organisations are more competitive, agile, and engaged when knowledge is constantly and freely shared.
70:20:10 and ITC leanring

70:20:10 and ITC Learning

70:20:10 is an enterprise framework that focuses on business performance and the contexts for learning. It suggests mechanisms for enterprises to use in their learning strategies, focusing on L&D as a value creator. If you are interested in the principles of the 70:20:10 framework then this Whitepaper is for you!