Create Shared Immersive Learning Spaces Easily

You can turn any room into an immersive learning space!

Now CenarioVR, the leading software and analytics platform for immersive learning is partnered with Igloo Link.

Igloo Link is a new immersive display solution – made up from a series of simple, ready-made modules, that can be snapped together and scaled up to deliver mobile immersive spaces that are almost as easy as a trade show booth to assemble.

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CenarioVR Gets More Immersive With Hand Tracking

Immerse yourself in a whole new level of virtual reality with CenarioVR’s Hand Tracking Feature

With this innovative update, you can now navigate through virtual environments and interact with objects using nothing but your hands—no controller required!

Hand tracking opens a world of possibilities, allowing for more natural and intuitive interactions with objects within VR environments, which helps build muscle memory and increase knowledge retention. These hands-on interactions allow for more engaging and effortless learning, making the VR experience more inclusive for all learners.

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Microlearning For Big Engagement


“I saw it on TikTok!” is becoming “I learned it on TikTok!”

There are reasons for that.

Different generations prefer different types of learning. Gen-Z has been turning to TikTok and YouTube for tips and tricks to help them with their jobs – from how to handle tough conversations to the nuances of using Excel. They want content that’s hyper-focused on a single topic delivered to them in a digestible yet entertaining format.

Overall, our attention spans are shrinking to an average of 47 seconds on a screen, everyone is being tasked to do more with less, and we’re often working on the go or at a different location every week. For me, it’s everywhere from up in the air to the cafe down the block.

For this and many other reasons, microlearning is on the rise.

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The Rise Of The AI-Augmented SME

For instructional designers, the traditional process of relying solely on human subject matter experts (SMEs) can be time-consuming, frustrating, and sometimes costly. Yet working with SMEs is critical for creating effective training content. SMEs provide the in-depth knowledge of the topic that instructional designers need to develop accurate and comprehensive learning materials.

Enter the AI-augmented SME—a revolutionary option powered by advanced natural language AI that can augment and streamline the SME process. By tapping into vast datasets and language models, these AI assistants can provide on-demand subject matter expertise, fill knowledge gaps, and answer queries in real-time.

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ELB Learning Studio

ELB Learning: A Studio Of Tools To Create All Types Of Learning

It’s easier than ever to create any kind of eLearning for any learner. With a suite of tools at your fingertips, we can help you create powerful, gamified and immersive learning experiences. All available on the Brandon Hall Group Gold 2023 Award Winning Platform, ELB Studio:


ELB Learning has a strong reputation in the learning industry, for a range of tools, services and technology.

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