Hollywood Hacks: How to create a more immersive learning experience

4 Ideas for affordable, professional quality video learning content.

In a period where we’ve had to lean more heavily on video to deliver learning programs, organisations are increasingly interested in getting more professional-looking results. In this article, we look at four ideas for leveraging the power of Hollywood-style storytelling to improve our learning messages, as well as some affordable, easily accessible technology and equipment options.

ITC Learning’s partners at Instilled hosted storytelling expert, CJ Casciotta, for a session on how you can make eLearning feel more like Netflix through using some proven Hollywood hacks. CJ should know. He is author and media producer with Ringbeller, and has consulted with MGM Studios, Sesame Street and Delta Airlines, on creating effective and immersive video content.

Live, online learning struggles with a distracted audience in a way that face-to-face classroom training doesn’t. There are some tried-and-trusted solutions, though. Regularly switching between multiple presenters, encouraging audience participation, and utilising different modes of presentation are effective ways to keep audiences engaged.

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4 Key Trends Driving an L&D Reset in 2020

Post COVID-19 and the start of FY21 will bring about big change and a Big Reset.

The end of a fiscal year is usually a time to reflect and forward plan. However, the close of FY20 is anything but usual. It presents an interesting new benchmark as we pass the three month mark in the COVID-19 pandemic.

While we navigate a significant health crisis, the Coronavirus is accelerating one of the biggest business transformations in decades. And in Australia, a profound economic impact is anticipated post-JobKeeper and other government subsidies in September.

How have pre-existing trends and predictions played out this year? And what is the impact of the pandemic against this backdrop?

It is anticipated that the rapid changes and socio-economic impact from these unprecedented times will create a New Normal.

We provide key insights and strategies for leaders to plan and future-proof their L&D plans in 2021.

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eLearning Brothers Acquisition of Trivantis Bolsters ITC Learning As Australia’s Best One-Stop Shop For Digital L&D Solutions


The team at ITC Learning are excited to announce the recent acquisition of Trivantis (Lectora, CenarioVR and more) and Knowledgelink by eLearning Brothers.

“This move promises to deliver an array of new content and integration, to make it easier for L&D professionals to build more great interactive content,” said Andrew Scivally, Co-Founder and CEO, eLearning Brothers.

While ITC Learning has long been the authorised reseller and support team in APAC for both organisations, their combined synergistic potential creates a powerful eLearning solutions offering.

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Future-Proofing L&D For COVID-19 And Other Disruptions

The COVID-19 outbreak is having a profound impact on our lives and the global economy. What are the strategic steps L&D can take for Coronavirus and other future disruptions?

Some of the learning strategies previously outlined for 2020 now seem suddenly outdated, in light of the current COVID-19 crisis.

Brandon Hall Group poses the question, is L&D prepared for Coronavirus or other disruptions?

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Top LXPs: Expert Reviews and Insights

Deloitte’s landscape market trend report on the Learning Experience Platform, provides some very important insights into where the L&D industry is heading.

Is an LXP right for your organisation? Here we unpack some of the insights from Bersin by Deloitte for the Australian market, to help you map out your learning experience strategy.

The Deloitte Landscape Market Report preceded Josh Bersin’s December 2019 Learning Experience Platform Comparison in which he provides his view of the top LXP’s – which includes ITC Learning’s Instilled LXP (yes, we’re proud of that).

We’ve been over this before, but it’s worth brushing up on exactly why the learning experience is so important and what an LXP really is.

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