The Power of Virtual Reality For Immersive, Memorable Learning

In a report published by Deloitte last year, Josh Bersin, the preeminent global HR thought-leader, identified virtual reality as one of the major disruptive HR tech trends likely to transform the overall landscape. ITC Learning have responded with CenarioVR –  from the organisation behind the world’s most powerful eLearning authoring software, Lectora.

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Towards Maturity 2018 Research/Benchmarking

How Top Performing Organisations Embrace Learning Innovation To Deliver Business Results

Top Performing Organisations report that their learning innovation strategies totally deliver.  Compared with the rest of the Towards Maturity 2018 (Transformation Curve) sample they report:

  • 3x Growth
  • 3x Productivity
  • 3x Profitability
  • 4x Transformation

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