The Most Complete Desktop Authoring Solution Available


Add Interactivity at the Speed of Light!

 Watch an entire sequence unfold before you, while every object falls into place.


 Animate & trigger actions and events while controlling each element including text, images, videos, pop-up windows, and more!


So Easy, It’s Magic!

  Discover the most user-friendly tool imaginable! Select the recording area, add your webcam, and go!*

  Liven up your video with transitions, texts, images, and animations.

  Edit audio tracks in a few clicks including narration, sounds, music, and more.

 Upload them directly to your course.


With Awesome Interactions

  Enjoy a whole new set of course starters with stunning layouts, built-in interactions, and assessments already included. Plus, rest assured; they are all WCAG-friendly with reading order, color contrast, and alt tags already in place.


  Simply launch a template right from your Getting Started screen and dive right in!



Translation Tool XLIFF Support

Save time when importing & exporting translation files by working with standardized XLIFF  format (Localization Interchange File Format).


CenarioVR Integration

Import a scenario published to HTML5 directly into Lectora. Track the results and duration in seconds using built-in variables. It’s all right there!

Section 508/WCAG Updates

hearing and visibility accessibility icon

Lectora and Lectora Online include support for creating accessible content that meets 508 and WCAG 2.0 AA specifications. This includes visible focus indicators, language declaration for the title and text, reading order control, closed caption ability for audio and video, scope attribute for table headers, and more.

Accessible Lightbox Popups

Adhere to the latest WCAG/Section 508 requirements by including accessible labels, predictable focus, aria-described prompts, correct tabbing order, and keyboard shortcuts.

Accessible Custom Form Elements

Add custom buttons and checkboxes to your accessible title with the confidence they meet WCAG/ Section 508 standards. Easily add them to questions and forms to match branding requirements and make finger-friendly buttons.

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Create Beautiful eLearning Content

Get your staff on the same page, no matter where they are or what device they are using, with the market leader of eLearning authoring tools. Lectora allows you to create visual, interactive and engaging content that effectively teaches all of your staff, while keeping training costs down.

Lectora  can also publish content that works with SCORM-based Learning Management Systems (LMSs), so you can distribute content quickly, and track user progress and test scores. Lectora is truly a world-class eLearning tool.

Responsive Courses

Lectora includes Responsive Course Design (RCD). RCD allows you control what your pages will look like on computer, tablet and mobile devices, so your content looks great no matter what device your workforce is using.

Create your content in Desktop mode, then change to tablet and mobile mode to reformat for mobile devices.

With RCD design in Lectora, you don’t have to be a coder to design for mobile devices!

One eLearning module, many different devices

Real Collaboration Online Only

With the online collaboration features of Lectora Online, your team can work on projects together from anywhere—the office, the coffee shop or across the globe. Developers are able to work on projects together at the same time, and delegate tasks to other team members through Assignments.


Also, you never need to worry about saving your changes again. With Lectora Online, all your work is automatically backed up securely while you work.

Puzzle building, collaboration metaphor

BYO Media

With one click you can embed your own media into your eLearning content. Photos, videos, audio, YouTube Media, documents, and practically anything else you can imagine. Media is published as HTML5, so your content will be compatible with all mobile devices.


The assessment wizard enables the developer to quickly create topic quizzes using a wide variety of question types including True or False, Drag and Drop, Multiple Response and ‘Fill in the Blank’. It’s possible to create custom questions using variables and add ‘Form Elements’, to ensure that users understand and retain the content.


With Actions in Lectora Inspire, you can create powerful interactivity with ease. Create Action Statements such as “Reveal Next Page Button when test is passed”, or open document in new window”. You don’t have to be a coder to create engaging and interactive content.

Content Creation Tools

Lectora also includes a suite of tools to change the way you create your content.


Easily create interactive branching scenarios

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Asset Library

Access a huge library of eLearning assets.

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Available for Windows

Also available

Lectora is available for PCs running Windows 7, 8 and 10, with a Intel or AMD Processor, 500MB of RAM and 1.1GB of free storage.

Lectora Online is Lectora in the browser! Create powerful eLearning content with the power of the cloud, on your PC or Mac.

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