The Rise Of The AI-Augmented SME

For instructional designers, the traditional process of relying solely on human subject matter experts (SMEs) can be time-consuming, frustrating, and sometimes costly. Yet working with SMEs is critical for creating effective training content. SMEs provide the in-depth knowledge of the topic that instructional designers need to develop accurate and comprehensive learning materials.

Enter the AI-augmented SME—a revolutionary option powered by advanced natural language AI that can augment and streamline the SME process. By tapping into vast datasets and language models, these AI assistants can provide on-demand subject matter expertise, fill knowledge gaps, and answer queries in real-time.

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ELB Learning Studio

ELB Learning: A Studio Of Tools To Create All Types Of Learning

It’s easier than ever to create any kind of eLearning for any learner. With a suite of tools at your fingertips, we can help you create powerful, gamified and immersive learning experiences. All available on the Brandon Hall Group Gold 2023 Award Winning Platform, ELB Studio:


ELB Learning has a strong reputation in the learning industry, for a range of tools, services and technology.

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3 Time-Saving Authoring Capabilities of gomo

If your course designers need to create expertly authored learning content at scale, there’s no need to start every course from scratch. Understanding which features or interactions are worth replicating isn’t about taking shortcuts – it’s about making the savvy, economical moves that allow your busy learning team to make the absolute most out of their time and budget.

So, how can authoring tools help with this?

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Introducing CenarioVR + Flexible Immersive Spaces For Shared VR Experiences

immersive learning with CenarioVR and Igloo spaces

Imagine taking a scenario out of your headset or off your laptop and wrapping it around an entire room with other learners – live!

This is now a reality for learning and development leaders who can leverage the power and analytics of CenarioVR as it integrates with Igloo Vision’s immersive spaces.

Combining the immersive learning and analytics power of CenarioVR together with flexible immersive spaces creates exciting new opportunities for eLearning visualisation, simulation, engagement, and collaboration.

This video case study is an example of how some of Australia’s most iconic organisations are using this combination of technologies to drive eLearning cost-effectiveness to new heights.

Backed by ITC Learning’s strategic design and development team we can help you create bespoke content using CenarioVR along with recommendations on how to leverage the Igloo immersive spaces solution.

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How AI Agents Are Redefining Content Creation for L&D

Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionised the way we do business. And new advances in AI agents —  designed to make decisions and take action to achieve goals — have the potential to completely change how learning and development (L&D) interacts with AI.

Discover how AI agents can autonomously create, curate, and enhance learning content, revolutionising the efficiency and scalability of content production.

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