AI FOMO? Get It Working For You

It’s the most talked about technology today – perhaps because AI is not static, and is evolving rapidly in the L&D world. Michael Hruska, AI and L&D thought-leader says AI is “a toy/tool/teammate – your synthetic team member.” Hruska sits down with our ELB Learning partners and Magazine to bring you up to speed on the possibilities today and in the future.


Michael Hruska – CEO of Problem Solutions, Technologist and Design Thinking (DT) practitioner. Michael has spoken extensively on AI with experience spanning across standards, emerging technologies, learning, and science.

Dr. Christina Barss – Chief Transformation Officer, Problem Solutions. Christina presents nationally and internationally on design thinking, change management, organisational culture, corporate learning, executive education, and succession planning.

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Boost Learner Confidence By 275% With Immersive Learning

VR and immersive learning is driving a new era of eLearning effectiveness.

We recently published an AITD article, in which we cited a PWC study that found that VR training is far more effective than traditional and self-paced online learning – at creating an emotional bond to the content, instilling confidence employees need in order to perform, and cost-effectiveness:

  • 4X faster than face-to-face training.
  • 275% more confident to apply skills learned.
  • 375% more emotionally connected to content than F2F training.
  • 4X more focussed than their eLearning peers.

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New Microbuilder™ AI Features Include Instant Avatars

Super cool MicroBuilder just launched! Create courses in minutes!

Our partners at ELB Learning recently super charged Microbuilder™ with all of the latest AI powers – including an Avatar creator so you can easily build your own presenter or talent!

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How Google Tailors Training for Enhanced Engagement and Retention

Organisations need swift, effective learning to keep up with the changing business world. And with shifting workforce demographics, leaders must strive to meet diverse learner needs. Luckily, technological advances like artificial intelligence (AI) make adaptive learning a more accessible option for learning and development (L&D) to meet learners where they are.

Adaptive learning allows for the delivery of content that is customised to the learner whether they need a different path, more assessments or more difficulty. In In this webinar session hosted by Google L&D partner ELB Learning, Nikki Le, Head of Impact Evaluation, Assessment and Research at Google, shares best practices for using adaptive learning to personalise the learning experience.

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7 Reasons Microlearning Works

In today’s fast-paced world, traditional training methods often struggle to keep up with modern learners’ demands. Enter microlearning—a revolutionary approach that’s transforming the way we train. Microlearning breaks down complex topics into bite-sized chunks, delivering focused content tailored to learners’ needs. But its benefits extend far beyond convenience.

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