Say Your Final Goodbyes to Flash

2020. It’s been quite a year.

But if there’s one 2020 curveball that shouldn’t be a surprise…it’s the end of Adobe® Flash.

As previously announced in July 2017, Adobe will stop distributing and updating Flash Player after December 31, 2020.

Is your training content ready? What impact will that have on your business, and how can you keep your training going once Flash is no longer supported?

Hopefully, you started preparing for this already. If you have any Flash elements in your training, you’ll need to update those courses and re-deploy them to your learners.

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How to Create Fail Safe Virtual Learning: New Research

HR and L&D teams are scrambling right now to help steer organisations and navigate the major impact from COVID-19.

Josh Bersin of Bersin Deloitte recently observed that big changes only happen when big problems arrive.

And nine months on from the start of the pandemic, it is apparent that we simply are not going ‘back to normal’.

Two new pieces of research, from the Neuroleadership Institute and the Global eLearning Benchmarking Study – shine a light on the way forward.

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