Game-Based Learning For Soft Skills Building & Leadership

Not only were the world’s leading TV commercials (and Taylor Swift) on show during the recent Super Bowl – so was an initiative by the NFL Foundation (National Football League) for Healthy Relationships and Wellbeing.

Our partners at ELB Learning developed custom educational games for the NFL to help kids build healthy relationships, combat bullying and deal with social media.

See the video below from the Super Bowl. And read the case study behind the eLearning game by ELB Learning.

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How To Achieve 300% ROI With Immersive Learning

VR and immersive learning is driving a new era of eLearning effectiveness.

In our recent AITD article, we cite a PWC study that found that VR training is far more effective than traditional and self-paced online learning – at creating an emotional bond to the content, instilling confidence employees need in order to perform, and cost-effectiveness:

  • 4X faster than face-to-face training.
  • 275% more confident to apply skills learned.
  • 375% more emotionally connected to content than F2F training.
  • 4X more focussed than their eLearning peers.

In this case study presented recently at DevLearn, we look at how a leading supply chain organisation used innovative and immersive eLearning to achieve 300% ROI for health and safety training.

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Using AI To Create Better eLearning More Cost-Effectively

Artificial intelligence (AI) is redefining e-learning by utilising groundbreaking new applications in an instructional design setting. See AI’s transformative potential in enhancing learning experiences, from creating immersive content to personalising educational journeys.

AI isn’t about doing the work for you; it’s about helping you do your job faster and better than before.

In this new video we provide a practical approach to AI. And in this video you will learn:

  • How to generate scenarios in virtual reality with CenarioVR’s wizard. No 360-camera required.
  • Create course outlines with Lectora.
  • Use Rehearsal® to grade your employees’ recorded performances and automate transcripts, enhancing their elevator pitch.

Video Chapters:

  • 0:00 – Introduction.
  • At 2:00 – How can AI help us in our L&D roles.
  • At 4:15 – ChatGPT, BARD and other AI tools that deliver voice, image, video, text to speech, prompt generation, and more.
  • At 23:00 – 30:00 – How you can use AI in our eLearning technology including: CenarioVR, Rehearsal and Lectora.

For more detailed information and video walkthroughs of CenarioVR, Rehearsal and Lectora learn more here.

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    The Power Of Deliberate Practice To Upskill Teams

    How good is your team at presentation skills? Customer interactions? The process for developing skills using Deliberate Practice is a proven method to upskill your team. Expert Dr. Robin Sargent, Founder of IDOL Academy shows you how to implement within your own teams of learners.

    Learn how to incorporate deliberate practice into your learning designs and learn about the tools she uses.

    3:10 – Introduction.

    8:00 – Companies are developing skills over education – even ID is a practice!

    9:35 – The Process: Do It Messy.

    10:30 – Companies using The Process.

    17:22 – Skill elements for public speaking.

    38:20 – Rehearsal tool for deliberate practice and feedback.

    For more information on Rehearsal® find product information here.

    Or contact the team at ITC Learning below: