Want Behaviour Change? Top Things L&D Can Learn From Marketers

These days, learning professionals increasingly have more in common with marketers.

For starters, the battleground is for attention, and it is the ‘first line’ when it comes to getting people to think and act differently – and ultimately – to change behaviour.

In today’s noisy, distracted digital world, where messaging gets lost like so much wallpaper, both marketers and L&D professionals must compete for mindshare by engaging their audience if they have any chance of being memorable, much less, influential.

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2019 Benchmark Studies Show Companies With Learning in Their DNA Deliver Growth

New key benchmark studies from globally renowned Towards Maturity Index’s, The Transformation Journey, and Fosway Group/360 Learning’s Digital Learning Realities 2019 respectively reveal that companies with learning in their DNA lead the growth pack

It doesn’t take a genius in macro trends to work out that one of the greatest impacts on business today is technological change and the sheer pace of it.

Never before have we heard the words “disruption” and “transformation” used so interchangeably. Whether that be Business Transformation or Digital Disruption, it’s change, it’s here, and unless your business is run by AI and drones, optimising your workforce for the impact as well as the opportunities – is likely at the top of your agenda.

And that’s not all. For the first time, four generations are working together – Boomers, Gen X, Y (or Millenials – the biggest cohort at work) and Z. And while it can be amusing to hear a Boomer refer to ‘The Interwebs’ or observe a Gen Y messaging a colleague sitting 20 centimetres away – these technological and cultural divides make for some interesting challenges in learning and development.

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Will LXP Kill The LMS?

Move over LMS, here comes LXP – or the Learning Experience Platform.

In early 2018, L&D thought-leader and founder of Bersin Deloitte, Josh Bersin, spotted a trend and coined a new phrase: ‘in the flow of work’.

The idea behind this was that the employees want to learn something in the moment of need, and apply it instantly. And this is at the heart of the learning experience Platform or LXP.

Bersin naturally predicted that LXP will replace the veritable LMS. And that’s because LXP encompasses all of the varied ways that individuals learn in that flow of work – which includes lunchroom conversations with colleagues and social learning. Imagine how this changes the learning experience, and how it differs from conventional Learning Management Systems.

But if this sounds too chaotic, you might have some company amongst the in-the-know L&D professionals who are left wondering how the likes of workplace communication tools like Slack and Udemy are going to be calibrated into learning analytics.

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Power to the People: How User Generated Content is Shaking Up The L&D World

“We need to bring learning to the people instead of people to learning.”
eLearning guru Elliot Masie

We live in a world where anything you’d like to learn can be instantly answered, created or shared through platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. And then there’s the how-to video for practically anything you ever wanted to know (and some things you didn’t even think you wanted to know) via YouTube, Lynda et al.

The concept is not lost on the L&D world where User Generated Content (UGC) is taking the sector by storm. Ever-increasing mobile usage and learning in the flow of work are fuelling demand for high-quality tutorials.

Enter Learner Generated Content (LGC), placing Self-eLearning-styled mobile-in-the-moment DIY video in the hands of employees.


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