Future-Proofing L&D For COVID-19 And Other Disruptions

The COVID-19 outbreak is having a profound impact on our lives and the global economy. What are the strategic steps L&D can take for Coronavirus and other future disruptions?

Some of the learning strategies previously outlined for 2020 now seem suddenly outdated, in light of the current COVID-19 crisis.

Brandon Hall Group poses the question, is L&D prepared for Coronavirus or other disruptions?

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Top LXPs: Expert Reviews and Insights

Deloitte’s landscape market trend report on the Learning Experience Platform, provides some very important insights into where the L&D industry is heading.

Is an LXP right for your organisation? Here we unpack some of the insights from Bersin by Deloitte for the Australian market, to help you map out your learning experience strategy.

The Deloitte Landscape Market Report preceded Josh Bersin’s December 2019 Learning Experience Platform Comparison in which he provides his view of the top LXP’s – which includes ITC Learning’s Instilled LXP (yes, we’re proud of that).

We’ve been over this before, but it’s worth brushing up on exactly why the learning experience is so important and what an LXP really is.

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Talent Management 2020: LTUK20 Whitepaper

5 seismic forces driving reinvention of learning and talent

The 5 Seismic Forces Driving The Reinvention of Learning and Talent: A Human Framework for Reskilling with Implications for Australian Enterprises

Boards and CEO’s have long claimed that their people are their ‘most important asset’. A worthy sentiment, but rarely have they acted in concert with this claim.

A new whitepaper has created a reason for change, and a blueprint to do so, now and into the foreseeable future.

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Tracking Wisely: What Can xAPI Do For You?

4 ways your authoring tool can use xAPI to drive learning value

Since its first release in April 2013, experience API (or xAPI) has proved something of a revolution in tracking learning. It’s an invaluable way of recording data and, crucially, measuring the business impact of Learning & Development (L&D). But what is xAPI and how can you maximise its benefits for offline learning?

xAPI is an elearning software specification which enables learning systems (like an LMS) and learning content (for example, content created with an authoring tool and distributed via a native app) to ‘talk’ to each other. This two-way communication then records and tracks all types of learning experiences and keeps them in a Learning Record Store (LRS).

While its predecessor, SCORM (the Sharable Content Object Reference Model), has provided an important tracking tool since its arrival in 2000, xAPI allows you to track a variety of systems and methods of learning – and it’s particularly effective at keeping track of mobile learning and offline learning, which were on the rise before its introduction and have grown in prevalence since.

As a way of collecting, storing and analysing data, xAPI has the power to help you create a new learning technology architecture without encountering lots of coding and integration demands. Here are some more xAPI benefits you can take advantage of today:

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Tips & Strategies For Australian L&D In 2020

Mark Fenna-Roberts, Managing Director, ITC Learning Australasia Looks At 5 Key Trends Shaping 2020

As we close in on a new decade, Australia is facing some trends that will have a profound impact on our industry.

With over 18 years in the Australian industry, I have seen trends come and go, however new technology and a changing workforce – are literally forcing ever faster change.

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