Be A Brilliant Boss With AI-Based Video Coaching

AI Video-Based Coaching

We know that practice makes perfect. And in that sense, Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule to master a skill (from his book, “Outliers”), brings this into sharp relief.

In today’s work environment, one thing we don’t have is time, so fast tracking is essential. And the best way to improve, refine and perfect — is to practice.

In recent years, high-powered executives have latched onto the importance of practice to improve everything from time management to financial handling to communication skills. Many organisations are applying this same strategy to their workforce as a whole. Career coaching is now a multi-billion dollar industry, and it is growing at a rapid rate.

We know it works. Just look at the legacy of sports coaching using video feedback for enhancing player performance.

But it fails to parlay into today’s environment, because it’s expensive and time consuming. And as much as want our ‘team’ to perform like a star State of Origin player, it’s just not practical. Especially because today’s employees are distributed, dispersed or in a different time zone completely.

In-Person coaching is tricky. So, what are the alternatives?

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Onboarding Experiences That Work For The Hybrid Workplace

Look, Sound, Feel. Creating Onboarding Experiences for Everyone

Hybrid workplaces are new. Here’s how to create a seamless onboarding experience that works for everyone.

Hybrid workplaces change the way we “work” looks. Work life balance changes. Colleague relationships change. The distance between employees and the office changes. Employee motivation changes, and onboarding changes.

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eLearning Brothers is Now ELB Learning

Together ITC Learning & ELB Learning is Everything eLearning.

ITC Learning is the APAC partner for the newly rebranded ELB Learning.

Formerly eLearning Brothers, they have a strong reputation in the learning industry, for a range of tools, services and technology.

Known for eLearning templates and libraries, ELB Learning is also the world leader in powerful authoring tools Lectora and CenarioVR, and also for leading edge learning solutions such as The Training Arcade and Arcades and platforms including The Rockstar Learning Platform and Coursemill.

Now with ELB Learning’s new solutions and emerging technologies we can offer a lot more.

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How Serious Organisations Like Accenture Use Gaming & VR for Immersive Learning

Accenture Uses Gamification and VR for onboarding training

It seems like an odd juxtaposition, but serious enterprises know they can deliver serious learning using fun and immersive gamification and VR together, in striking ways for great results.

Why Gamification and Immersive Works Well Together

Both gamification and VR are in the top learning trends right now!

Always ask: Can we measure the impact? Training for training’s sake won’t improve your company’s bottom line or keep workers safe. You need to know if knowledge is being retained and behaviour changed.

With a distributed workforce the new standard, learning teams must rely on learning analytics to make decisions. Organisations are now leveraging learning experience platforms (LXP) or learning management systems (LMS) to get real-time data on the learner behaviours, preferences, and needs they can use to tailor better learning experiences and improve worker skills.


Studies have shown that close to 60% of all learning will be gamified in 2022.

Games are a great medium for training because they provide a safe place for learners to try, to fail, and to try again until they succeed. And mixing up different types of games can be your secret to success. Games can be beneficial in solo play, head-to-head, and team play. “If you can find a combination of these three, that’s the silver bullet,” says Stephen Baer, Chief Creative Officer of The Game Agency (an ITC Learning partner).

Going back to our earlier statement about measuring impact, games provide you with tons of learner data to analyse. You can:

  • Measure knowledge retentions, skills development, and application
  • Track decision processing, individual choices, tendencies, risk tolerance, etc.
  • Track accuracy, effectiveness, and efficiency of performance
  • Observe performance (and coach) across multiple modalities

Virtual Training

Virtual training is predicted to continue to grow and become a mainstay of L&D programs.

Organisations across the world are getting better results with immersive learning. Workers who can solve problems, develop technical abilities, and repeat effective behaviours in a virtual environment can quickly transfer their skills to the real world. It’s also excellent for preventing costly mistakes in real-life training, and keeping employees safe while they work on their skills.

VR training offers these benefits:

  • Achieves higher retention rates & increases engagement
  • Combines sight, sound, and movement
  • Develops conditioned responses & muscle memory
  • Triggers an emotional response

With the increasingly affordable virtual reality technology and other modern learning tools, it’s becoming easier than ever to create learning experiences that get results.

How Accenture Is Using Gamification and Virtual Worlds to Engage Learners

Accenture is a corporate consulting powerhouse, with over 500,000 employees worldwide.

Like every other organisation on the planet, training during lockdowns caused a major rethink about the way in which training was delivered. What could simulate face-to-face, but not drain an already digitally-fatigued workforce?

They turned to the metaverse for a more engaging experience, rolling out a uniquely engaging immersive onboarding program – complete with 60,000 VR headsets.

“This gives people an opportunity to be in a different world, to be themselves in whatever form they think of themselves in that world and to play games,” said  Sarah Kruger, Accenture’s Head of Human Resources for Australia and New Zealand in a recent Australian Financial Review (AFR) article.

“Particularly our newer employees who are at entry-level roles, they really love the gamification side of things. They have tasks, they get incentives and can win prizes.”

Employees get an avatar, and have an opportunity to express a bit of personality in the process, through choosing clothes they might be willing to wear in a virtual environment, that they wouldn’t otherwise in a conservative work environment.

Using ITC Learning / eLearning Brothers product CenarioVR, the opportunity to roll out enterprise programs like this, enables employees to opt to use any major headsets – or not at all, across multiple devices including mobile. It’s xAPI and powerful analytics as well as secure hosting for global content distribution – make it a natural choice for global enterprises like Accenture.

For other large enterprise case studies see Barclays Bank and L’Oreal here. Contact our team today to discuss your project and how we can make gamification and VR work together for you!