gomo New AI Assistant

Gomo, the eLearning authoring tool that combines straightforward content creation with sophisticated and fully responsive eLearning that looks beautiful on any device – has released a range of powerful AI features across its platform.

From generating course objectives, to storyboarding, and auto generated introductions and conclusions – gomo now instantly translates full courses into any language almost instantly. Gomo’s AI-powered course review feature, is able to rapidly and frictionlessly augment course quality without the need for time-consuming manual revisions.

  • 5:25 – Agenda and introduction
  • 8:46 – gomo’s key features and how eLearning looks beautiful on every device, instantly.
  • 11:20 –  Introduction to gomo AI to automatically generate learning objectives, content review and full course and asset translation instantly, along with recommendations and suggestions.
  • 16:15 – AI tools demonstration:

– Building a course in gomo and how to access the AI tools

– How to structure your course by storyboarding ‘building blocks’ rather than PowerPoint style

  • 26:00 – How to use AI translation tools.
  • 30:00 – Creating introduction text with Introduction Assistant.
  • 33:00 – Automatically generate learning objectives. Look through all the info on your topic and create learning objectives within that topic for you to refine and update.
  • 34:50 – Conclusion assistance.
  • 35:55 – How AI Helper analyses and helps to generate new content from all of the existing course content to create logical conclusions and suggests readability.

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    This new tool makes it easy for everyone to create microlearning content, whether you’re an instructional designer, a subject matter expert, or a manager. Watch this video to learn how to:

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    • Integrate games and virtual reality scenarios.

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      The AI-Augmented L&D Professional: LTG UK 2024


      ROI from AI in L&D? What does the future hold for the L&D professional and the industry as a whole with the rise of AI? Josh Penzell, VP of AI Solutions with our partners at ELB Learning presents this thought provoking presentation at LTGUK 2024.

      Josh presents a well-researched look at how AI-augmented L&D is going to become very powerful and deliver real results.

      • 2:00 – AI improves and delivers better ROI from SME Interviews
      • 10:00 – Adaptive tutors personalise and make training more dynamic
      • 18:00 – Optimisation through LMS data analysis
      • 19:20 – The future? Autonomous agents will automate everything
      • 23:27 The 7 roles of AI powered agents


      Is L&D Ready for AI Generated Video?


      Training Magazine Network’s presentation from ELB Learning’s in house content creation experts and top Hollywood creatives and producers. A look at quick creative results from AI and the combination of tools you may be using already – to save time and create impressive results. See ELB Learning games enhanced with AI, character manipulation and lots more inspiration!

      Talk to the experts at ITC Learning about how you can leverage AI in your L&D plans.


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