Game-Based Learning For Soft Skills Building & Leadership

Not only were the world’s leading TV commercials (and Taylor Swift) on show during the recent Super Bowl – so was an initiative by the NFL Foundation (National Football League) for Healthy Relationships and Wellbeing.

Our partners at ELB Learning developed custom educational games for the NFL to help kids build healthy relationships, combat bullying and deal with social media.

See the video below from the Super Bowl. And read the case study behind the eLearning game by ELB Learning.

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Creating A Game Isn’t As Scary As You Think

Creating branching path games is easier than you think! We show you how in this demo. You can also try any of the 11 games offered in The Training Arcade® and see for yourself what it’s like to play.

Maybe you’ll get some inspo to incorporate any of these into your L&D plans, or customise using branching.

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3 Ways Games Support Microlearning

Have you ever read a whole book in one sitting (besides when Harry Potter came out)?

Likewise, you wouldn’t expect your learners to read a textbook or your training material all in one sitting. Even if your learners were required to digest that much information in one sitting, they’d likely forget most of it.

For today’s workforce Microlearning makes training digestible by breaking things down into smaller bites, and games are the best way to implement that learning.

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Top eLearning Trends To Watch 2023

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As we emerge from the year that will go down as a ‘stabilisation year’, we look around to find ourselves in a new normal. One where we find ourselves grappling with hybrid work and a technological explosion we can barely keep up with.

While 2022 was less ‘annus horribilis’ (to quote the Queen) than the pandemic years that preceded it – it was nevertheless tumultuous. It ended with high interest rates, and a predicted economic slowdown in 2023.

So, what lies ahead in 2023? We look at some of the most significant trends to watch for in 2023, and how to deal with the rapid changes and capitalise on opportunities.

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