How Teleperformance Became A Global Leader With Gamification

“Gaming touches all of us.” – according to Ben Kirby, Senior VP of L&D for global communications company Teleperformance.

“Learning must be motivational, memorable and measurable to be effective with employees.”

Kirby should know, with 420,000 employees, Teleperformance is a barometer for modern eLearning and which modalities work for various strategies.

This case study and client video interview will enlighten and guide L&D leaders and practitioners in their own gamification strategies.

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Rethink Training With Virtual Reality & Games

It’s no wonder organisations have integrated VR and gamification into their learning programs. Greater effectiveness and engagement is well documented and case studies are mounting proving it works for any training, from onboarding and compliance to soft skills – across diverse industries.

VR training results in learners who are 275% more confident in applying their learnings. And with 68% of adults playing online games, it’s time to get serious about the fun of immersive learning.

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Indiana Jones-ify Your eLearning With Digital Escape Rooms

Forty years on, the new Indiana Jones Dial of Destiny movie has hit screens, reminding us of the enduring human appeal of of winning, mystery and thrilling escapes.

What is it that excites learners and makes concepts and learning so memorable? We look at 3 reasons to implement Digital Escape Rooms, and how to build one easily.

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How To Easily Gamify Your Training – Getting Started


Adding Gamification to Your Training – Getting Started_Blog

What’s the easiest way to gamify your learning experiences?

Easy means adding gamification features to SCORM files and courses already created in your LMS. The Training Arcade® offers 10 game templates that you customise with your course content.

Incorporating course content is essential. For example, integrating a Pac-Man game into a course does not gamify learning. Playing Pac-Man does nothing to reinforce learning, practice skills, or aid in recall. However, if you are playing a game like JEOPARDY!® or Wheel of Fortune®, two of the games offered by The Training Arcade®, and all the questions relate to the course content, then the learning experience is enhanced.

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3 Ways Games Support Microlearning

Have you ever read a whole book in one sitting (besides when Harry Potter came out)?

Likewise, you wouldn’t expect your learners to read a textbook or your training material all in one sitting. Even if your learners were required to digest that much information in one sitting, they’d likely forget most of it.

For today’s workforce Microlearning makes training digestible by breaking things down into smaller bites, and games are the best way to implement that learning.

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