Create Shared Immersive Learning Spaces Easily

You can turn any room into an immersive learning space!

Now CenarioVR, the leading software and analytics platform for immersive learning is partnered with Igloo Link.

Igloo Link is a new immersive display solution – made up from a series of simple, ready-made modules, that can be snapped together and scaled up to deliver mobile immersive spaces that are almost as easy as a trade show booth to assemble.

Now you can easily create eLearning that enables multiple learners and teams to come together for shared learning experiences, enhancing:

  • Communication.
  • Knowledge sharing.
  • Multi discipline learning for teamwork, different perspectives and sharing subject matter expertise (SME).
  • Reducing risk.

Get started with immersive learning experiences

Igloos provide big, impressive, engaging spaces that allow the collaborative side to a CenarioVR scenario.

A group can use phones, tablets or desktop (single screen deployment), but of course headsets, while being more immersive, are a more individual experience. Igloos allow for the immersion that you lose with the single screen deployments, while keeping the collaborative group experience.

Check out below how shared immersive spaces work for training in the oil and gas industry.

Find out more in this white paper on immersive learning experiences, why and how to get started.

For more information or a demo of CenarioVR and how it works with Igloo Link, contact us below.

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