How Google Tailors Training for Enhanced Engagement and Retention

Organisations need swift, effective learning to keep up with the changing business world. And with shifting workforce demographics, leaders must strive to meet diverse learner needs. Luckily, technological advances like artificial intelligence (AI) make adaptive learning a more accessible option for learning and development (L&D) to meet learners where they are.

Adaptive learning allows for the delivery of content that is customised to the learner whether they need a different path, more assessments or more difficulty. In In this webinar session hosted by Google L&D partner ELB Learning, Nikki Le, Head of Impact Evaluation, Assessment and Research at Google, shares best practices for using adaptive learning to personalise the learning experience.

In this webinar, you will acquire the tools you need to refine or implement adaptive learning and improve learner engagement and retention. This interactive session will provide easy-to-understand insights on:

  • Identifying learner needs and preferences.
  • Creating adaptive training for learner needs.
  • Utilising emerging technologies to optimise the design process.

To find out how ITC Learning can enable you to create and measure personalised and adaptive eLearning using the best tools, strategies and techniques as used by Google – contact us below:

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