Build engaging scenario-based eLearning

Create, design and deliver engaging scenario – based eLearning in your browser. Use with Lectora, Storyline, Captivate and almost any other eLearning software.

Easiest way to build branching scenarios

Build branching scenarios online

Create digital simulations in a user-friendly browser-based editor. Drag and drop elements to make sense of complex interactions. Share and export on the fly.

Review your branching scenarios

Your scenarios are instantly playable. Share them with SMEs, gather feedback and deliver changes in a matter of seconds. No more need for publishing and uploading files over and over!

Assets for rapid scenario authoring

eLearning assets gallery

Your subscription includes access to dozens of carefully selected characters. Each character comes with a range of poses and emotions.

Upload your own

Upload your own characters and background images by simply dragging files into our tool. We will take care of delivering them in the optimal quality.

stock characters available in BranchTrack

Role-play scenarios that play anywhere

Instant preview & HTML5 output

No more waiting for your course to publish. Our scenarios are instantly playable and ready for sharing, embedding or uploading to an LMS.

Mobile-perfect simulations

Your scenarios are fully responsive and work on any screen and any device. It won’t require any tweaking or adjustment. They just work.

brach track bank scenario example

Setup your own sales academy

Deliver sales simulations

…Or any other simulations of course. Share your scenarios in Classes™, our gamified learning platform and see real-time learner progress reports.

Data-driven improvement

Continuously improve your scenarios based on how learners behave within them and gain insights into their real-life performance.

Engage learners via a scenarios platform

Built-in gamification

Your learners accumulate points by completing simulations and compete with co-workers on a mobile-enabled user-friendly platform.

Blended Learning Support

Make your face-to-face training to the next level of engagement and efficiency by introducing competitive digital roleplays.

Sample Scenarios

Grumpy Customer at a Bank

This customer has a problem and he is not happy about it. Can you defuse the situation and help him?

Choose a different ending

This interactive video-based scenario is based on the footage from the famous “Choose a Different Ending” campaign by London Metro Police.

Be a Hacker

In this scenario you meet your virtual tutor and learn some of the strategies used by cyber-criminals. Can you steal all the money?

Available with Lectora Desktop