Lectora Inspire 17

Now with Responsive Course Design & Branching Scenarios

Create Beautiful eLearning Content

Get your staff on the same page, no matter where they are or what device they are using, with the market leader of eLearning authoring tools. Lectora Inspire allows you to create visual, interactive and engaging content that effectively teaches all of your staff, while keeping training costs down.

Lectora Inspire can also publish content that works with SCORM-based Learning Management Systems (LMSs), so you can distribute content quickly, and track user progress and test scores. Lectora Inspire is truly a world-class eLearning tool.

Responsive Courses

Lectora Inspire includes Responsive Course Design (RCD). RCD allows you control what your pages will look like on computer, tablet and mobile devices, so your content looks great no matter what device your workforce is using.

Create your content in Desktop mode, then change to tablet and mobile mode to reformat for mobile devices.

With RCD design in Lectora Inspire 17, you don’t have to be a coder to design for mobile devices!

BYO Media

With one click you can embed your own media into your eLearning content. Photos, videos, audio, YouTube Media, documents, and practically anything else you can imagine. Media is published as HTML5, so your content will be compatible with all mobile devices.


The assessment wizard enables the developer to quickly create topic quizzes using a wide variety of question types including True or False, Drag and Drop, Multiple Response and ‘Fill in the Blank’. It’s possible to create custom questions using variables and add ‘Form Elements’, to ensure that users understand and retain the content.


With Actions in Lectora Inspire, you can create powerful interactivity with ease. Create Action Statements such as “Reveal Next Page Button when test is passed”, or open document in new window”. You don’t have to be a coder to create engaging and interactive content.

What's new in Lectora 17

Publish for Seamless Play

When the Publish for Seamless Play option is selected, your title will smoothly flow from page to page, eliminating the screen wipe commonly associated with loading HTML pages. Additionally, media files will honour the Auto-Start selection on mobile devices, allowing simplified use of page narration and videos.

BranchTrack Integration

Lectora Inspire users can easily create and import scenario-based exercises using the BranchTrack application. The projects you create download directly to your page. When changes are needed, this fully integrated feature provides one-click roundtrip editing capability. You can even track the learner’s selection path during the exercise and use the score value to control other course behaviours and remediation.

Import and Export Question Files

Use CSV files to import and export questions into your eLearning. These files are useful for SMEs to create questions and tests to import directly into Lectora. It’s also a handy way to export and store your test information in a text format for use as an answer key during development, and for review by auditors and stakeholders.

Anchor Position of Objects

The Anchor Position feature allows you to specify whether an object will maintain its location on the page within the view, even when the view is scrolled. This is perfect for use in mobile courses to anchor logos, headers/footers, navigation controls, images and videos.

Auto-play Media on Mobile

Now you can provide the same engaging experience on mobile devices as on the desktop. Media can now automatically play when a page is opened, simplifying delivery of voice-over narration and video content.

SVG Shapes and Buttons

Using scalable vector graphics technology, published content will remain crisp and scalable on high-resolution displays, while also keeping your content’s file size to a minimum.

Content Creation Tools

Lectora Inspire also includes a suite of tools to change the way you create your content. Get access to over half a million eLearning assets with eLearning Brothers. Create interactive branching scenarios with Branchtrack. SnagIt allows you to easily create screenshots and screen captures that can be annotated and published for Lectora, while Camtasia allows you to create professional video content for you eLearning titles.

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Available for Windows

Also available

Lectora is available for PCs running Windows 7, 8 and 10, with a Intel or AMD Processor, 500MB of RAM and 1.1GB of free storage.

Lectora Online is Lectora in the browser! Create powerful eLearning content with the power of the cloud, on your PC or Mac.

Available for Windows

Lectora is available for PCs running Windows 7, 8 and 10, with a Intel or AMD Processor, 500MB of RAM and 1.1GB of free storage.

Also available

Lectora Online is Lectora in the browser! Create powerful eLearning content with the power of the cloud, on your PC or Mac.