eLearning Design and Development

Elevate your eLearning content into captivating learning journeys.

Tailored eLearning Solutions

As specialists in eLearning Authoring, we craft engaging content tailored to your needs. Leveraging top-rated applications like Lectora, Gomo, Articulate Rise, and Articulate Storyline, we create compelling learning experiences that resonate with your audience, fostering enjoyment and retention.

Revitalise Your Current Content

Revamp outdated materials.

Upgrade from any platform to cutting-edge technology, incorporating contemporary design, interactive elements, dynamic animations, and rich media to rejuvenate your content.

Inclusive eLearning for Every Learner

We adhere to the highest accessibility standards, ensuring our digital learning solutions are inclusive for all. Our expertise in Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliance makes us a trusted consultant for numerous Australian and Public Service agencies, educational institutions, and corporations.

Expert Guidance

Tap into our consultancy for instructional design, user experience, and eLearning development insights. Enhance your projects with tailored advice, improvements, and technical issue resolution.

Beyond Ordinary Training: Engaging eLearning

We go beyond standard eLearning:

  • Interactive assessments
  • Branching scenarios
  • Immersive VR360 experiences
  • Compact micro-learning and mobile-responsive eLearning
  • Comprehensive blended programs

Our industry reputation is built on creating accessible and engaging digital learning solutions.

Comprehensive eLearning Solutions

Leveraging diverse expertise aligned with adult learning principles. Services encompass instructional design, graphic design, authoring tool development, and LMS deployment.

Authoring Flexibility

We understand the ever-evolving authoring tool offerings. That’s why we expertly master multiple eLearning authoring tools while ensuring easy future maintenance, so you don’t have to waste time keeping your skills up to date.


ReviewLink – the single source for quickly gathering & incorporating feedback, streamlining your eLearning review cycles. Share titles with reviewers, collect feedback and manage comments and attachments efficiently for seamless content creation.

Enhance Engagement

Branching scenarios immerse learners in real-world decision-making, promoting critical thinking and personalised learning paths for deeper understanding.

Ensure Mastery

Knowledge checks and assessments reinforce learning, validating understanding and guiding progress. Essential for effective eLearning outcomes and retention.

Interactive Screen Simulations

Perfect for introducing a new program. Guide learners through tasks, enable hands-on practice, and assess comprehension for effective learning.

From micro-learning to 20+ modules, we seamlessly adapt to projects of any size in eLearning.

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