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Create, share, and track immersive Virtual Reality Learning Experiences with ease

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A new level of experience

Imagine interacting with a virtual environment, engaging in real-life scenarios where you can be challenged, explore new points of view, and learn by doing. Imagine immersing yourself in the question and discovering the solution on an instructor-guided journey. Imagine harnessing the power of virtual reality to help learners experience, engage and be inspired beyond the limitations of traditional learning methods.

Measure and track with built-in xAPI analytics

Access real-time analytics to measure performance and engagement data. Make informed strategic decisions through richer insights. When you publish to CenarioVR Live, built-in xAPI data tracking measures performance and engagement through a dashboard.

Create VR with ease

CenarioVR allows you to create engaging virtual scenarios that can be accessed by mouse, touch, or VR goggles, in an intuitive, fast authoring environment. Create 360 degree photos or videos with a smartphone app or 360 camera, import it into CenarioVR, add interactivity and publish to the CenarioVR cloud or your LMS.

Add Interactivity

Take your 360 degree media to the next level with CenarioVR’s built-in interactivity tools. Make your Virtual Reality scenarios more engaging and educational by quickly and easily adding hotspots, questions, and more, to your scenes.

Available from ITC Learning

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