Onboarding Experiences That Work For The Hybrid Workplace

Look, Sound, Feel. Creating Onboarding Experiences for Everyone

Hybrid workplaces are new. Here’s how to create a seamless onboarding experience that works for everyone.

Hybrid workplaces change the way we “work” looks. Work life balance changes. Colleague relationships change. The distance between employees and the office changes. Employee motivation changes, and onboarding changes.

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eLearning Brothers is Now ELB Learning

Together ITC Learning & ELB Learning is Everything eLearning.

ITC Learning is the APAC partner for the newly rebranded ELB Learning.

Formerly eLearning Brothers, they have a strong reputation in the learning industry, for a range of tools, services and technology.

Known for eLearning templates and libraries, ELB Learning is also the world leader in powerful authoring tools Lectora and CenarioVR, and also for leading edge learning solutions such as The Training Arcade and Arcades and platforms including The Rockstar Learning Platform and Coursemill.

Now with ELB Learning’s new solutions and emerging technologies we can offer a lot more.

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How VR Training & Analytics Solves Loss Prevention At Scale

The Damage Prevention Academy shows how they successfully tackled the eLearning challenge using VR storytelling, gamification and edutainment – leveraging CenarioVR and its powerful analytics.

The problem scope – 1:41 timecode: There are human and real costs caused by excavation damages to underground utilities every year – $30b in fact.

The solution – 4:12 timecode: Storytelling, content creation for the demographic. Using stellar Instructional Design and the best tools, relatable talent and games to connect with the audience for a real business outcome.

The Analytics – 25:10 timecode: How DPA used completion rates to add and create elements to improve the course including how and where to add Training Arcades games to make more impact.