How Teleperformance Became A Global Leader With Gamification

“Gaming touches all of us.” – according to Ben Kirby, Senior VP of L&D for global communications company Teleperformance.

“Learning must be motivational, memorable and measurable to be effective with employees.”

Kirby should know, with 420,000 employees, Teleperformance is a barometer for modern eLearning and which modalities work for various strategies.

This case study and client video interview will enlighten and guide L&D leaders and practitioners in their own gamification strategies.

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Top eLearning Trends To Watch 2023

2023, trends, elearning, L&D, trend watch

As we emerge from the year that will go down as a ‘stabilisation year’, we look around to find ourselves in a new normal. One where we find ourselves grappling with hybrid work and a technological explosion we can barely keep up with.

While 2022 was less ‘annus horribilis’ (to quote the Queen) than the pandemic years that preceded it – it was nevertheless tumultuous. It ended with high interest rates, and a predicted economic slowdown in 2023.

So, what lies ahead in 2023? We look at some of the most significant trends to watch for in 2023, and how to deal with the rapid changes and capitalise on opportunities.

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