3 Time-Saving Authoring Capabilities of gomo

If your course designers need to create expertly authored learning content at scale, there’s no need to start every course from scratch. Understanding which features or interactions are worth replicating isn’t about taking shortcuts – it’s about making the savvy, economical moves that allow your busy learning team to make the absolute most out of their time and budget.

So, how can authoring tools help with this?

There are certainly a few essentials that you can expect your authoring too to offer, like the ability to copy and paste individual screens or entire courses. Or, if you’re just starting out, the right platform will provide templates that take care of screen layout for you.

These features are great for quickly conjuring up individual courses, but they’re just the basics. The real question is, how do you maintain that efficiency-first mindset when you’re creating content at scale? How do you make sure your time isn’t swallowed up by endlessly configuring the themes, device-friendly characteristics, and key interactions that make up your course library?

Well, you can start by keeping on eye out for the following three key features which gomo delivers seamlessly – from preset themes to responsive courses.

3 Time-Saving Course Authoring Capabilities

Beautiful Preset Visual Themes

gomo comes equipped with a fully functioning theme library the efficiency gains speak for themselves. Preset themes save you the trouble of customising every screen of every course – and, for larger enterprises, this can lift course designers’ burdens across hundreds of resources. Plus, if your platform allows you to apply your brand’s unique colours and logo, the result will be courses that are as distinct as they are convenient.

Here’s the important thing: Letting your authoring tool take care of key design decisions is just as much about course quality as it is about efficiency – you need both.

After all, when you leave visual elements to a changing roster of course designers who sometimes make ad hoc decisions, you’ll inevitably encounter design deviations from one course to the next. Putting it in the hands of your authoring tool gives you the peace of mind that comes hand-in-hand with a highly consistent template.

When it comes to the look and feel of your courses efficiency gains like this don’t result in a bare-bones or purely functional design. Instead, you’ll be left with a professional and dependably on-brand collection of course put together in the blink of an eye.

Learning Assessment With Question Banks

The look of your courses is half the battle – but the other half involves finding ways to efficiently populate those courses with meaningful and memorable interactions.

Again, this isn’t about looking for shortcuts that might compromise the quality or integrity of your learning material. It’s about being smart with your interactions and drawing on the right resources to rapidly populate them with useful content.

Assessments are valuable interactions and they have a proven history of enhancing learning outcomes by encouraging learners to retrieve information. They’re a sophisticated learning resource and they’re often tied to specific subject matter, so it’s tempting to assume that they demand a fair amount of time and energy to get right – but that’s where Question Banks comes in.

Question Banks are a way to store a potentially huge range of questions categorised by subject matter. Once you’ve set up your question banks, you’ll be able to rapidly generate top-tier assessments that draw from the relevant bank. It’s a highly efficient mechanism for creating the kind of interaction that, without the right tools at hand, could easily eat away at your time-pressed designers’ busy schedules.

As with visual themes, it’s important to note that this move toward efficiency actually improves the quality of your learning content.If you’re authoring platform can randomise the selection of questions pulled form a given question bank, you’ll be the proud owner of an assessment brimming with integrity. Why? Because learners won’t be able to memorise the order or content of your quiz and spread it around to their colleagues.

Course-Responsiveness That’s One-Size-Fits-All

Producing good interactions with speed and flair is essential – but these efficiency gains will be undermined if your assessments don’t operate properly on different devices. Limiting learner access to your courses creates a barriers between your people and your content.

PwC reports that employees who aren’t quick to prioritise and absorb new skills will struggle to adapt in a world of growing skills gaps, so that aim of the game is to make your content as available as you can.

One of the best ways to do that is to allow learners to access learning content on the device of their choice. However, when you’re in full efficiency mode, the last thing you’ll want to do is create multiple versions of your eLearning courses for every screen size.

That’s why you’ll want a tool that automatically provides responsive and adaptive content. These characteristics will ensure that your content is consistently attractive while your interactions remain appropriately laid out. Crucially, you’ll want to achieve this without your course designers lifting a finger, allowing them to achieve effortless device agnosticism.

How Warner Music Group Improved Efficiency Using gomo

Warner Music Group have embraced gomo’s ‘straightforwardness’ in creating and owning their learning content using gomo.

And their SME’s (subject matter experts) no longer need to lean on the core L&D team for storyboarding or attend time-consuming workshops. This has led to a reduction in digital learning-related queries to the Group’s central people experience team.

“Partnering with gomo for our in-house content creation needs has allowed us to remove the roadblocks for our SMEs. We’re able to centrally set the standards, accessibility, and language requirements for our content, ensuring that SMEs don’t get bogged down in the authoring world and allowing them to focus on getting their invaluable knowledge into the hands of our people.” – Josh Novelle, Senior Director of People Experience & Insight, Warner Music Group

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