The Rise Of The AI-Augmented SME

For instructional designers, the traditional process of relying solely on human subject matter experts (SMEs) can be time-consuming, frustrating, and sometimes costly. Yet working with SMEs is critical for creating effective training content. SMEs provide the in-depth knowledge of the topic that instructional designers need to develop accurate and comprehensive learning materials.

Enter the AI-augmented SME—a revolutionary option powered by advanced natural language AI that can augment and streamline the SME process. By tapping into vast datasets and language models, these AI assistants can provide on-demand subject matter expertise, fill knowledge gaps, and answer queries in real-time.

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How AI Agents Are Redefining Content Creation for L&D

Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionised the way we do business. And new advances in AI agents —  designed to make decisions and take action to achieve goals — have the potential to completely change how learning and development (L&D) interacts with AI.

Discover how AI agents can autonomously create, curate, and enhance learning content, revolutionising the efficiency and scalability of content production.

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AI Readiness For An Augmented Enterprise

So much has been said about Artificial Intelligence and how it will impact our jobs, both negatively and positively. As we look to the year ahead, we ask the questions: What is AI going to do for the L&D industry?

In the last few years, AI went from entering the HR stack to permeating it. And in 2024, it will dominate, according to thought leader Josh Bersin.

Organisations now need to gear up for AI readiness and transformation.

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Chat-GPT In eLearning: Why It’s Bigger Than You Think

Will Chat-GPT replace thinking and content – and ultimately, will it kill our jobs?

Before we run off in a panic to that dystopian world where AI does all our work (and thinking) for us, we explain the technology itself and what L&D industry leaders predict its impact will be on eLearning and the benefits for learners.

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