Are You Training for Radical Flexibility?

Are you training for radical flexibility? 50% of employees will resign over flexibility. Train to retain

50% of employees will resign over flexibility … How can L&D train to retain?

Last year, restrictions and lockdowns forced many organisations to rethink not only how they operate, but where they operate from. With many closing their offices permanently as a result.

Perhaps oddly, this has been a good thing – with research indicating greater productivity gains by saved commuting times, and fewer distractions.

The new flexible world of work has changed the landscape and mindset of workers and employers alike – symbolised by the success of WFH (work-from-home), which has become something of a household acronym.

Now, new research from Ernst & Young Global Ltd. has revealed that almost half of Australian and New Zealand workers are likely to resign from their current position if they can’t work when they want.

And with growing optimism in the economy and job markets, underpinned by a shortage of workers and skilled migration pools – employees are increasingly empowered to vote with their feet to find the work flexibility that suits their needs and lifestyle.

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Compliance Training for Zero Tolerance Sexual Harassment Laws

What do you need to create a training framework that readies your organisation for the new, tougher laws?

The Australian government has accepted all 55 recommendations put forward in The Human Rights Commissions’ Respect@Work landmark report – which found that one in three people had experienced sexual harassment.

The report is revolutionary in its recommendations, offering a more solid regulatory framework. It’s effectively a game-changer for addressing workplace sexual harassment in Australia.

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Making VR Practical: Webinar & Case Studies



Lessons from the real world: 6 case studies (starts at 2:11) | Learn how to engage and motivate using immersive interactive video with hotspots – with or without headsets | Is it practical to create VR during COVID-19? | Data that proves VR works

4 Key Trends Driving an L&D Reset in 2020

Post COVID-19 and the start of FY21 will bring about big change and a Big Reset.

The end of a fiscal year is usually a time to reflect and forward plan. However, the close of FY20 is anything but usual. It presents an interesting new benchmark as we pass the three month mark in the COVID-19 pandemic.

While we navigate a significant health crisis, the Coronavirus is accelerating one of the biggest business transformations in decades. And in Australia, a profound economic impact is anticipated post-JobKeeper and other government subsidies in September.

How have pre-existing trends and predictions played out this year? And what is the impact of the pandemic against this backdrop?

It is anticipated that the rapid changes and socio-economic impact from these unprecedented times will create a New Normal.

We provide key insights and strategies for leaders to plan and future-proof their L&D plans in 2021.

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Tips & Strategies For Australian L&D In 2020

Mark Fenna-Roberts, Managing Director, ITC Learning Australasia Looks At 5 Key Trends Shaping 2020

As we close in on a new decade, Australia is facing some trends that will have a profound impact on our industry.

With over 18 years in the Australian industry, I have seen trends come and go, however new technology and a changing workforce – are literally forcing ever faster change.

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