The Rise Of The AI-Augmented SME

For instructional designers, the traditional process of relying solely on human subject matter experts (SMEs) can be time-consuming, frustrating, and sometimes costly. Yet working with SMEs is critical for creating effective training content. SMEs provide the in-depth knowledge of the topic that instructional designers need to develop accurate and comprehensive learning materials.

Enter the AI-augmented SME—a revolutionary option powered by advanced natural language AI that can augment and streamline the SME process. By tapping into vast datasets and language models, these AI assistants can provide on-demand subject matter expertise, fill knowledge gaps, and answer queries in real-time.

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How To Transform Your SMEs Into Employee Mentors & Content Creators

Your subject matter experts (SMEs) are brimming with useful information—so why not allow them to author and deliver learning content?

There are plenty of practical reasons to create a direct link from your experts’ knowledge to your learners’ brains. By letting your SMEs take the reins, you’ll boost the productivity and output of your L&D function, taking the edge off your instructional designers’ workloads without a drop in content quality.

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