AI Readiness For An Augmented Enterprise

So much has been said about Artificial Intelligence and how it will impact our jobs, both negatively and positively. As we look to the year ahead, we ask the questions: What is AI going to do for the L&D industry?

In the last few years, AI went from entering the HR stack to permeating it. And in 2024, it will dominate, according to thought leader Josh Bersin.

Organisations now need to gear up for AI readiness and transformation.

At the latest ELBX conference, headline speaker Michael Hruska, Technologist and Design Thinking (DT) thought-leader, delved into the transformational potential of AI in reshaping the business landscape.

Discover how augmented enterprises, with the aid of intelligent agents, will not only automate tasks, but serve to actively enhance teams, engagement and effectiveness.

For L&D professionals, by integrating these AI-driven strategies, you can create more engaging, personalised and effective learning experiences for your organisation in 2024.

Watch the video below.

Keynote: Transforming the Business Landscape: The Power of Augmented Enterprises and Intelligent Agents

Highlights (timecoded):

o:50 – Introduction to AI for L&D and HR.

2:10 – AI tools – how they enhance learning loops and augmented intelligence capabilities.

5:05 – Reality in 2 years for this exponential technology.

9:43 – Unpacking the Augmented Enterprise.

11:44 – The Power of Augmented Intelligence Teams.

22:10 – LXD Agents and omni-channel communication.

23:00 – Actions ot navigate your AI roadmap.

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