Boost Learner Confidence By 275% With Immersive Learning

VR and immersive learning is driving a new era of eLearning effectiveness.

We recently published an AITD article, in which we cited a PWC study that found that VR training is far more effective than traditional and self-paced online learning – at creating an emotional bond to the content, instilling confidence employees need in order to perform, and cost-effectiveness:

  • 4X faster than face-to-face training.
  • 275% more confident to apply skills learned.
  • 375% more emotionally connected to content than F2F training.
  • 4X more focussed than their eLearning peers.

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Create Shared Immersive Learning Spaces Easily

You can turn any room into an immersive learning space!

Now CenarioVR, the leading software and analytics platform for immersive learning is partnered with Igloo Link.

Igloo Link is a new immersive display solution – made up from a series of simple, ready-made modules, that can be snapped together and scaled up to deliver mobile immersive spaces that are almost as easy as a trade show booth to assemble.

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CenarioVR Gets More Immersive With Hand Tracking

Immerse yourself in a whole new level of virtual reality with CenarioVR’s Hand Tracking Feature

With this innovative update, you can now navigate through virtual environments and interact with objects using nothing but your hands—no controller required!

Hand tracking opens a world of possibilities, allowing for more natural and intuitive interactions with objects within VR environments, which helps build muscle memory and increase knowledge retention. These hands-on interactions allow for more engaging and effortless learning, making the VR experience more inclusive for all learners.

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Introducing CenarioVR + Flexible Immersive Spaces For Shared VR Experiences

immersive learning with CenarioVR and Igloo spaces

Imagine taking a scenario out of your headset or off your laptop and wrapping it around an entire room with other learners – live!

This is now a reality for learning and development leaders who can leverage the power and analytics of CenarioVR as it integrates with Igloo Vision’s immersive spaces.

Combining the immersive learning and analytics power of CenarioVR together with flexible immersive spaces creates exciting new opportunities for eLearning visualisation, simulation, engagement, and collaboration.

This video case study is an example of how some of Australia’s most iconic organisations are using this combination of technologies to drive eLearning cost-effectiveness to new heights.

Backed by ITC Learning’s strategic design and development team we can help you create bespoke content using CenarioVR along with recommendations on how to leverage the Igloo immersive spaces solution.

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