Introducing CenarioVR + Flexible Immersive Spaces For Shared VR Experiences

immersive learning with CenarioVR and Igloo spaces

Imagine taking a scenario out of your headset or off your laptop and wrapping it around an entire room with other learners – live!

This is now a reality for learning and development leaders who can leverage the power and analytics of CenarioVR as it integrates with Igloo Vision’s immersive spaces.

Combining the immersive learning and analytics power of CenarioVR together with flexible immersive spaces creates exciting new opportunities for eLearning visualisation, simulation, engagement, and collaboration.

This video case study is an example of how some of Australia’s most iconic organisations are using this combination of technologies to drive eLearning cost-effectiveness to new heights.

Backed by ITC Learning’s strategic design and development team we can help you create bespoke content using CenarioVR along with recommendations on how to leverage the Igloo immersive spaces solution.

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The Link Between VR And Diversity Training


VR is no longer just a vehicle for entertainment purposes; it has become a very useful tool in a number of other industries. In fact, it has now become more widespread across businesses as it has proven to be helpful in the training field.

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Cracking the Code to Training Cyber Smart Workers

74% of data breaches are caused by human error. Developed by CyberCatch and ELB Learning using CenarioVR, HackOps is an immersive cybersecurity training game for the entire organisation that mimics real-world attacks to build skills to prevent human error.

Learners role-play as hackers penetrating systems through phishing, exploiting vulnerabilities, and installing ransomware. This virtual experience teaches reconnaissance, spear phishing, system exploitation, and mitigation unlike any other program.

HackOps transforms mundane security awareness into extraordinary, skill-building training to make workers cyber smart so the organisation doesn’t become the next victim of a data breach and ransomware. You will learn:

  • How 74% of data breaches are caused by human error
  • How hackers are exploiting human errors in recent cases
  • How HackOps simulates actual hacker behaviours and techniques
  • The immersive VR experience that imparts cybersecurity skills
  • How it strengthens the “human firewall” against cyber threats


Supercharge eLearning With AI

AI is the future and is transforming learning as we know it. We’ve already integrated AI functionality into our course authoring, video coaching, and virtual reality (VR) tools to help you make more immersive and effective training – in less time!

Discover how you can use AI in your L&D role today, with this video from the CTO and head of AI at ELB Learning.

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