eLearning Brothers is Now ELB Learning

Together ITC Learning & ELB Learning is Everything eLearning.

ITC Learning is the APAC partner for the newly rebranded ELB Learning.

Formerly eLearning Brothers, they have a strong reputation in the learning industry, for a range of tools, services and technology.

Known for eLearning templates and libraries, ELB Learning is also the world leader in powerful authoring tools Lectora and CenarioVR, and also for leading edge learning solutions such as The Training Arcade and Arcades and platforms including The Rockstar Learning Platform and Coursemill.

Now with ELB Learning’s new solutions and emerging technologies we can offer a lot more.

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Build Microlearning at the Speed of Light With Lectora Templates

Bill Milstid, Senior Developer at eLearning Brothers, shows tactics to quickly build a micro-course – with course starters and Lectora Online, using 5 layouts, 4 interactions and quizzes. What can you build at the speed of light?

Flipped Learning 2.0: Learner Intelligence and Adaptive Design

Virtual Learning using cutting-edge adaptive design techniques with the flipped learning model to transform the group learning space into the individual learning space. Presented by Dominic Caloia, Senior Learning Developer with Johnson Controls.

eLearning Brothers Acquisition of Trivantis Bolsters ITC Learning As Australia’s Best One-Stop Shop For Digital L&D Solutions


The team at ITC Learning are excited to announce the recent acquisition of Trivantis (Lectora, CenarioVR and more) and Knowledgelink by eLearning Brothers.

“This move promises to deliver an array of new content and integration, to make it easier for L&D professionals to build more great interactive content,” said Andrew Scivally, Co-Founder and CEO, eLearning Brothers.

While ITC Learning has long been the authorised reseller and support team in APAC for both organisations, their combined synergistic potential creates a powerful eLearning solutions offering.

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