eLearning Brothers is Now ELB Learning

Together ITC Learning & ELB Learning is Everything eLearning.

ITC Learning is the APAC partner for the newly rebranded ELB Learning.

Formerly eLearning Brothers, they have a strong reputation in the learning industry, for a range of tools, services and technology.

Known for eLearning templates and libraries, ELB Learning is also the world leader in powerful authoring tools Lectora and CenarioVR, and also for leading edge learning solutions such as The Training Arcade and Arcades and platforms including The Rockstar Learning Platform and Coursemill.

Now with ELB Learning’s new solutions and emerging technologies we can offer a lot more.

And this continues to grow, along with ELBs expanding products and services, as it continues to add to its established leaders – like Lectora – products to help our clients future-proof their eLearning aspirations.

Our services and workplace teams are not changing, only growing!

With exciting new ways to engage your teams, ELB Learning has expanded the ways in which we can create and deploy effective learning strategies.

Our growing portfolio of products and services now includes a combination of these ELB Learning tools that integrate with one another, and are complemented and supported by our own ITC Learning services:


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