Creating A Game Isn’t As Scary As You Think

Creating branching path games is easier than you think! We show you how in this demo. You can also try any of the 11 games offered in The Training Arcade® and see for yourself what it’s like to play.

Maybe you’ll get some inspo to incorporate any of these into your L&D plans, or customise using branching.

The fun of a game, plus the instructional design power of branching scenarios—all in one easy-to-customise game? You’re not dreaming. You’re experiencing The Training Arcade®!

In this live game-building workshop and watch Jake Kwiatkowski, Marketing Manager and Game Expert, who builds a Scenarios game in real-time. He’ll give you his best game-building tips and answers FAQs about creating an engaging learning game for your employees or customers.

Play Any Of Our Games!

To dive right in and play any of the 11 games in The Training Arcade® just click on the game of your choice and play away by clicking the play button below!

For more information on how to gamify your training, or help customising your game experiences, contact the experts at ITC Learning below.

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