Using Game-Based Training Personas To Understand Learners

Learning through play at work. There’s never been a better time to introduce some fun, with mental health and employee engagement so top-of-mind in organisations, as people are stuck at home, and spending more screen time than ever.

One of the best ways to engage people is through the power of games. Game-based training is simply more fun than many traditional eLearning courses. And while not new to the L&D world, there is a new approach that is making gamification more powerful and relevant than ever before.

Why Invest in Game-Based Training?

With so many people into gaming, over the past few years (*91% of Australian households own a gaming device and two thirds playing games regularly) it’s no surprise there is a comfort and an appetite for game-based training, with many organisations now prioritising it in their L&D programs.

After all, nearly 9 out of 10 respondents to one survey say they are happier at work because of game-based training. Games can make employees less stressed and more motivated, productive and engaged.

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Want Better eLearning ROI? Gamify It With The Game Agency

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Got game? If not, then you’re probably missing out on some much-needed engagement in your eLearning program.

ITC Learning just announced The Game Agency is in da house. No need to start looking at outsourcing expensive game design, because through adding ‘the power of play’, we now offer a one-stop shop for online learning.

Game-based learning is growing annually by 30% in the US, and according to PwC, Australia now has one of the highest per capita spends on video games in the world.

This speaks to the growth trend in game-based learning. But with COVID and the move towards working from home – demand for more engaging eLearning solutions has never been greater.

What Can The Game Agency Do For You?

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