Top 5 Authoring Software 2022

Top 5 Authoring Software 2022

What are the best authoring software solutions for your enterprise in 2022 and beyond?

The experts weigh in on the best eLearning authoring tools in Australia right now that will help you achieve your elearning and development goals this year and beyond.

To compile a list which is both credible and objective, we have sourced opinions from global and regional experts together with the ITC Learning Custom Development Services team, who work in a ‘software-agnostic’ way, using a range of well-known authoring software tools to help clients achieve their objectives.

With hundreds of new software tools coming onto the market, and the average organisation using nine different software tools for their L&D programs – it’s no wonder instructional designers and HR departments are left confused and overwhelmed by the choices in the market.

So, here’s our list to help you decide – with input from:

  • Joe Ganci – eLearning Joe author and senior developer
  • Craig Weiss – author, FindanLMS
  • eLearning Brothers developers and designers
  • ITC Learning Australasia’s Custom Development Services leaders

The Top 5 Authoring Tools In Order of Preference

Here are the Top 5, to help ensure Australian enterprises deliver the best eLearning methods and outcomes, and set them up for growth and eLearning excellence going forward.

  1. Lectora (Highest rated for all user levels and enterprises including government)
  2. Captivate (Adobe)
  3. Articulate 360 including Rise (PowerPoint-like)
  4. Storyline (PC desktop)
  5. gomo (Cloud, mobile)


With Lectora 21, the most established authoring tool on the planet is now more powerful, faster, and yet now more user friendly than ever – which means that now, Lectora is in pole position as the leading authoring tool for all users, from novice to expert, and from enterprise to US government.

For these reasons, Lectora is the #1 authoring solution on our list.

Now, full disclosure here, that we may be slightly biased, as we are the exclusive distributor of Lectora in Australia and APAC in general.

But with 30 years under our belt, our Custom Development and Design team have been working with clients, using all the major authoring tools including Lectora, Captivate, Storyline and Rise.

We know all the strengths and weaknesses of each authoring tool. As we work with clients either as an extension of their team to help them update modules, or through creating eLearning from scratch – from strategy to development and design.

Throughout this process, our development team have come to rely on Lectora as the most efficient, collaborative and versatile software for any enterprise needs, including large, complex Australian government projects.

And now with the latest version, Lectora 21, development time has been cut in half, so it is definitely worthy of the number one ranking amongst  authoring tools.

The Ultimate Authoring Tool Comparison

Our partners in Lectora, eLearning Brothers, have compiled a detailed comparison of the world’s top authoring tools here.

The ranking is based on a rigorous set of key criteria set by senior Instructional Designers and leading organisations, as follows:

  • Rapid Authoring Capabilities
  • Mobile responsive
  • Accessibility & WCAG Compliance
  • QA & Workflow
  • Advanced Actions & Assessment
  • Assets & Integrations


Widely adopted, with Adobe integration Captivate is highly templated. Captivate works well with PC Desktop, however to the designer, it functions like distinctly different tools across platforms.

Articulate 360

Widely adopted, Articulate 360 includes Storyline and Rise as a suite of products. It is PowerPoint-like, and has its limitations in terms of templates.


For the intermediate user, Storyline features author-enabled magnification and browser controls, and has similar features to Lectora Desktop but without the full features of Lectora, particularly with the full suite including CenarioVR.


Mobile-first with a simple drag and drop interface, and easy to deliver content in any language, to a global audience. gomo effortlessly creates responsive learning, and easily localises content beyond language.

The Top Authoring Tools of Choice by Expert IDs & Developers

Joe Ganci, an expert in eLearning, author of eLearning Joe and host of The eLearning Coach podcast, compared Captivate, Storyline and Lectora plus gomo.

I really like the new features, and I look forward to implementing them in future designs. With the lower price to boot, you should seriously consider Lectora for your eLearning projects. – Joe Ganci, eLearning Joe

One of the key differentiators that Lectora offers, is that it benefits from being central in the eLearning Brothers suite of products.

This makes it more powerful, as it includes the ultimate VR engagement tool, CenarioVR, a huge library of design assets (120+ million. Plus its LMS integration and customisation is superior to the other systems, and includes DAM and BranchTrack integration too.

And then there’s the compatibility with eLearning Brothers’ very own LMS, The Rockstar Learning Platform.

In his annual “Learning Systems to Watch in 2022”, Craig Weiss, author of FindanLMS says it’s in the “Yowza” category.

“This is a system in progress that continues to amaze me,” he says. “In 2021 they launched, and by the end of the year, cracked my Top 20. You just don’t do that, but here they are. UI/UX on the learner side is slick, admin side is solid. Suite similarity exists here.”’

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Authoring Tool for 2022

Ensuring that the authoring tool you choose is fast, powerful and maximises the potential of your designers and learners – will pay dividends in terms of ROI.

  • Ensure your most junior and most senior IDs will benefit from your authoring tool.
  • Ensure your authoring suite is up to the task of the hybrid workforce and is flexible and powerful enough to handle the changing nature of work and training needs.
  • Future proof your eLearning technology by ensuring that it is robust, leading edge and that it integrates with other best in breed systems.

Download the Top Authoring Tools Comparison report here. And Contact the team at ITC Learning to discuss your eLearning software or custom project design and development needs.



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