Design and Development

Our award-winning Custom Development Services Team integrates the best of instructional design principles, with modern design aesthetics and techniques to ensure that your content best serves your learner’s needs.

We will deliver a complete end-to-end solution – or we can work with you as an extension of your team.

Our talented designers and developers work with a range of eLearning authoring tools, so whether you use Lectora, Articulate 360, Rise, Storyline, gomo, Adobe Captivate, or any other combination – we’ll produce the best results for your project.

So, if you need expert help with bringing a project to life, creating a template, or developing a storyboard, we’re here with a customised service to help you achieve your goals.

Desktop Course Design

Desktop computers are the number one device for eLearning, and are the most cost-effective device type to design for. If you need a course designed quickly, this is the option to go for. Aside from entire Course Design, we also offer Legacy Conversion and Custom Templates that are designed to reflect your brand.

Mobile Course Design

Smartphones and Tablets are here to stay. With the mass adoption of these new devices comes the ability to create eLearning content that is designed specifically for them. Designing for mobile devices allows your eLearning to be available anywhere, and take advantage of touch screens and other unique device features. Our Mobile eLearning Design Services, and Mobile Course Conversion services will get your eLearning mobile-ready in no time.

Accessibility & WCAG Design

eLearning is a fantastic way to keep your staff trained and up-to-date, but what if the user is vision impaired, hearing impaired or has poor motor skills? Our eLearning Design Team are experts at building courses for Accessibility through a variety of means, including screen-readers, specialised hardware, closed-captioning, and visual design to accommodate low vision and colour blindness. ITC Learning are the go-to experts for WCAG compliance and eLearning for Accessibility.

eLearning Design

With our eLearning Course Design services, we make eLearning effective and engaging. We provide a wide range of creative course types that make learning interesting for the users. This includes..

  • Standard eLearning Courses
  • Scenario-based learning
  • Activity-based learning
  • Gamification
  • Computer systems and software training courses

Our Clients

Case Studies

Australian Maritime Safety Authority

ITC Learning worked closely with AMSA as an extension of their internal team, implementing a creative approach using the deep capabilities of WCAG compliant Lectora Inspire as the authoring tool of choice.

Portfolio Examples

Our skilled and talented designers and developers will deliver the learning outcomes important to your business, in the format that works be that accessibility (WCAG) sensitive, multi-device (mobile), lean or rich.

Post Link Professional Ethics course snippet

Branching Scenario

This course was designed to complement the Code of Conduct from a large transport company. The aim was to ensure that users understood the content of the Code of Conduct, and could use it to make ethical decisions in the work place.

ITC Bank - Welcome Screen

Risk Management

This course uses various forms of interactivity, and cartoon characters to engage users as they learn how to manage various forms of risks in a financial company.

management of disclosures eLearning course snippet

Creative Imagery and Interactions

This course makes heavy use of illustrations, sprinkled with some photographic elements, to present its content. Relevant images and interactions were creatively used to present a serious and formal topic in a lighter manner.

Design Levels

Our Custom Development team can create eLearning courses with multiple levels of interactivity, to suit your organisation and users. See some examples below.

Simple Design Level

Medium Design Level

High Design Level