Our skilled and talented designers and developers will deliver the learning outcomes important to your business, in the format that works, be that accessibility (WCAG) sensitive, multi-device (mobile), lean or rich.

Branching Scenario

This course was designed to complement the Code of Conduct from a large transport company. The aim was to ensure that users understood the content of the Code of Conduct, and could use it to make ethical decisions in the work place.

ITC Bank - Welcome Screen

Cartoon Imagery

This course uses various forms of interactivity, and cartoon characters to engage users as they learn how to manage various forms of risks in a financial company.

Creative Imagery and Interactions

This course makes heavy use of illustrations, sprinkled with some photographic elements, to present its content. Relevant images and interactions were creatively used to present a serious and formal topic in a lighter manner.

Scenario-based Learning and WCAG

This course utilises a minimal user interface to highlight the photographic and illustrative pictorial elements used and ensure WCAG compliance.

Instructional Video

This video was created for our client to demonstrate the company’s website rebranding. Textual on screen cues are used to illustrate the website’s new features and layout of the website.

WCAG Compliant and Interactive

This course shows you can be WCAG AA compliant and Interactive! Using simple design techniques, the course blends together a mix of animation and illustrated elements.

Character Branching Scenario

Scenario-based eLearning is a proven method to build expertise in tasks, problems or situations in the workplace, or to build critical thinking skills.

Video Animation and Infographic

To ensure that the information could be accessed internally and externally, on different devices, we developed a series of animated videos to achieve these outcomes.

System Simulation within a Scenario

This course was developed for the NSW Department of Environment and Heritage to teach employees to use HEAT (Home Energy Assessment Tool).


This course has done away with back and next navigation, as well as typical header/footer design to create an immersive game based learning environment. See how personalisation and play engage learners in a unique way rather than so called “traditional elearning”.

eLearning Brothers Examples

Did you know that hundreds of templates, stock assets, and interactions from eLearning Brothers are included with Lectora Inspire? Here we show you a small sample of the types of games that are included in that library.

Interaction Levels

Our Custom Development team can create eLearning courses with multiple levels of interactivity, to suit your organisation and users. See some examples below.

Low Level Interaction

Medium Level Interaction

High Level Interaction