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Digital Asset Storage for the New Digital Age.

Vaast file database

A robust full featured central management platform.

Advance ahead of digital asset management systems in the market with this content management platform enabling you to seamlessly access and manage your content.

Create, manage, share, track and find digital media assets with Vaast.

Share everything they need. Nothing they don’t.

Vaast gives you control over what you share with those in your organisation. For instance you could give your full time staff access to your entire repository, and only allow contractors into a certain few areas. You can also give access to folders on a per user basis, or automatically give access based on user role or associated groups. All of this means you have peace of mind knowing exactly who has access to what.


One click. One Update.

Courses constantly require ongoing updates overtime.

Rather than having to update hundreds of courses manually (taking hours of time) you only need to update your assets in the one place – solving the challenge of inconsistent branding across your projects and materials.

A massive time saver!

Lectora Online Integration

Lectora Online now integrates directly with your Vaast platform. Without even leaving Lectora Online, you can search your extensive content library with advanced filtering features, and then download the image directly into your page.

Better still, you can add the file to your page as a linked asset, so when the company logo is updated, your dozens or even hundreds of existing courses are instantly updated. Totally game changing.

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Files = Limitless!

Capturing any file type and from any source, Vaast allows you to use files beyond those common to eLearning.

Seek and You Shall Find

Vaast allows you to quickly find what you need, thanks to its advanced search and filter features. You can search by keywords and filter by file type, file size, tags, date and many more dimensions based on the metadata of you assets. This allows you to quickly find exactly what you need, so you can get back to letting those creative juices flow.

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Media Archive in the Cloud

Vaast is the best place to store, organise, share and utilise your digital assets for your eLearning and Marketing Teams. It centralises assets used across departments, which allows your material to look consistent, and improves your return on investment for photography and asset creation.

Also, as Vaast is cloud based, your team always has the latest version of assets, including brand logos, product images and documents.

Additional Features

Mobile accessibility

Built in notifications, approvals and permissions

Security and control of assets

Email alerts and links to anyone

Automatic Keyword Tagging

Use Vaast to achieve every eLearning professional’s goal to save time and build effective eLearning courses. Vaast allows the multiple authors in your organisation to easily find and share assets in a collaborative environment. It’s not just somewhere to store your assets…it’s something much more.

Vaast – the “smart filing system”

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