Using Microlearning to Cut Through With Millennials and Gen Zs

Why Modern Learners Want Microlearning

With a high percentage of employees who are tech savvy, mobile and working remotely – you’ll need to deliver to their expectations. And bite sized learning is going to be big in 2022.

First, let’s take stock of your organisation.

How many of these factors apply to your organisation’s employees?

  • A high percentage of Millennial, Gen Y, and/or Gen Z employees
  • Employees who are “field-based,” spend their work hours away from a desk, and/or typically complete work activities on mobile devices
  • A workforce that is keen to adopt new technology

Now let’s be honest; does this list also describe your workforce?

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Strategies to Avoid the Generation Gap in Learning

We recently wrote about Perrennials, but how can we create eLearning that is effective for all 5 generations in the workforce?

2:43 – The 5 generations and (based on insights) how they differ, how they learn

25:00 – How to assess and reflect on your own organisation

35:42 – A Framework for the Solution in your Organisation

50:00 – Final Tips & Challenge