Be A Brilliant Boss With AI-Based Video Coaching

AI Video-Based Coaching

We know that practice makes perfect. And in that sense, Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour rule to master a skill (from his book, “Outliers”), brings this into sharp relief.

In today’s work environment, one thing we don’t have is time, so fast tracking is essential. And the best way to improve, refine and perfect — is to practice.

In recent years, high-powered executives have latched onto the importance of practice to improve everything from time management to financial handling to communication skills. Many organisations are applying this same strategy to their workforce as a whole. Career coaching is now a multi-billion dollar industry, and it is growing at a rapid rate.

We know it works. Just look at the legacy of sports coaching using video feedback for enhancing player performance.

But it fails to parlay into today’s environment, because it’s expensive and time consuming. And as much as want our ‘team’ to perform like a star State of Origin player, it’s just not practical. Especially because today’s employees are distributed, dispersed or in a different time zone completely.

In-Person coaching is tricky. So, what are the alternatives?

Video-Based Technologies Are The Answer

In Today’s Virtual Environment, video holds the answers. As part of an eLearning ecosystem, video coaching makes a lot of sense.

Picture this: Employees are given short eLearning modules — these could be games, videos and interactive courses — to help them learn about your organisation or their role.

Then, using a tool like Rehearsal, they are given the opportunity to immediately practice what they have learned, recording short videos of themselves working through work-flows, giving elevator pitches, practicing sales or customer service routines, as well as coaching, onboarding, or almost anything else.

Videos are submitted for manager or peer feedback or AI feedback based on pre-set keywords and other algorithms.

AI has advanced to where it can analyse video submissions for eye contact, tone, pace, keywords, logic, articulation, facial expressions, and filler words. Individuals can redo their video (or Rehearsal) presentations as many times as they want based on AI feedback before submitting them to their manager or peer group.

Managers can either approve the videos or give feedback and suggest workers review the training materials and try again.

Giving Mentorship A Conduit To Thrive

Mentorship thrives within this model, and it can be done asynchronously from a cubicle, individual homes, or offices globally.

Video coaching allows managers to discover who their most competent team members are and those who need help. In Rehearsal, managers can run customised reports specific to their department. They can use this information to assign further practice and identify opportunities to help their teams shine at what they are best at.

And it works beautifully by integrating Gamified elements such as Leaderboards.

Today’s younger workers value development opportunities and are more loyal to organisations that invest in individual careers. According to a recent Hubspot Survey, 70% of workers prioritise upskilling over pay, when it comes to making the choice to leave or stay with an organisation.

On average, we found that workers using Rehearsal will rehearse 5.6 times before submitting the final product. This practice builds confidence and skills. As workers see real results from video coaching, they continue to return to the platform and practice when they need to master new skills.

Globally, companies like 3M and Honeywell are already using Rehearsal for everything from Sales Enablement and Soft Skills Development.

The list is growing and so are the use cases — making this your go-to tool for optimising performance across a range of skills.

In Summary

Coaching for performance is more important than ever in a time-pressed world. Organisations are looking to optimise job and task performance — faster than ever before.

So, how can you quickly and efficiently create change, skills and behaviour at scale and across an enterprise network. Time to consider Rehearsal.

With the power of AI and video, Rehearsal is:

  • An effectiveness booster for middle managers and line supervisors
  • Distributed
  • Intelligent
  • A safe and user friendly environment

Opportunities include:

  • A built-in screen recorder (excellent for systems based training)
  • Recording videos to share will colleagues
  • Competitive and gamified team exercises
  • Peer-to-peer socialising
  • Moving from passive to active learning – a ‘stage’ for your learning
  • Video ‘ref’ / coach techniques to create more engaging ways to learn
  • Quickly communicating and distributing at scale, fast-moving policy changes with large teams

Let Rehearsal help your organisation reach peak job and task performance faster.

See the video here.

Contact the expert team at ITC Learning for a live demo to see how it could help your organisation.

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