Lectora Support

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Install Lectora

  1. Once you have downloaded the Lectora installer package, ensure you have the user rights to install Lectora onto your machine (you may need IT to confirm this for you), then right-click the installer and select “Run as Administrator”.
  2. When installing Lectora, make sure you install all components to ensure a smooth Lectora user experience
  3. If you need more information, you can read more here.

A common cause for this is display resolution or display scale (DPI settings).

Some people adjust the size of text and objects in order to make them easier to read.

We recommend working with a display scale of 100%, meaning that any other option may produce unexpected results. If you have any questions, feel free to email us.

To send the files though, we recommend creating a zip file of all of the project files, before sending through using Dropbox.

Check out our export as zip guide here.

When you receive the zip file, make sure that you unzip the zip file to a standard folder before continuing work on your Lectora file.

When you bring assets into Lectora, Lectora stores a copy of the assets. These copies still exist even if you remove them from a page.

If you want to clear unwanted resources from your Lectora file, follow these steps…

  1. In the ribbon at the top, go to Tools -> Resources
  2. When the popup appears, click the ‘unused’ tab
  3. Click on the “Remove All” button to remove all unused assets.
  4. Now, export your Lectora file as a zip (read more about that here) to have a clean copy of your Lectora file (Remember to unzip the zip file to a standard folder before continuing work on your Lectora file).

Lectora works with many images, audio, video file types.

However, when starting out with Lectora, we suggest using the following file types (to ensure your files work with as many computers/browsers/devices and with minimum hassle/headaches)

  • Images – jpg,png
  • Audio – mp3
  • Video – mp4

I’m glad you asked! We have webinars that can be rewatched for free, and the Lectora Community is also a great resource. For the best training available, check out our training services.