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Our expert team show you how to easily incorporate VR into your training - using CenarioVR's in-built xAPI analytics.

How to create a virtual training experience


Creating immersive learning with in-built analytics  

We show an example of virtual training in CenarioVR using its in-built analytics.


How to use analytics to develop real insights


How to use xAPI for knowledge management

How to develop real insights from learner interactions, and how these can be used to improve performance across a range of key metrics.

Our expert team take you through a step by step process to boost engagement & performance with gamification!

How to design a gamification strategy

Choosing the right approach for your learners 

Games or gamification? What's right for your organisation? How to get started with planning and designing a strategy with tangible solutions.

How to create a game and leverage analytics


We build a game to engage your learners

We build a game using The Training Arcade to create a motivating and fun gamified training destination that your employees will return to again and again.

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