Lectora Online 4.0 Update

Lectora Online 4.0 includes the following updates and fixes

New Features:

Seamless Play

The primary new feature of Lectora Online 4 is Seamless Play publishing. When the Publish for Seamless Play option is selected on the HTML Options tab during publishing, your title will smoothly flow from page to page, eliminating the screen wipe commonly associated with HTML pages. This is the new default option, and the biggest change in this release.

Automatic Playing of Media on Mobile Devices.

Audio and video will play automatically on smartphones and tablets.

Anchor the Position of an Object while Scrolling.

Specify whether the object will maintain its location on the page within the view, even when the view is scrolled.

Update the Character Pose from the Properties Ribbon.

If you’ve selected the wrong character, there is no need to delete it. You can now change the character or pose on the ribbon.

Add a scannable QR Code object to the title.

Add a scannable QR Code to your title. Include plain text, web links, contact information, calendar events, and more.

Import/Export Questions to CSV

Use comma-separated value (CSV) files to import and export questions in your title.
Export individual questions from within the title, or all of the questions within a Test, Test Section, or Survey.

BranchTrack Integration

Easily create scenario-based eLearning with BranchTrack, now integrated directly into Lectora Online.
Embed scenarios for decision-based employee training right into your title.
Track the students’ interaction with a scenario using built-in Lectora variables.

Improved Search Within Manage Titles dialog

Locating a title to open, share, move, copy, or other functions has been streamlined with a new search feature.

HTML5 Only (No Flash Included) Publish Option

Ensures no Flash elements are included in the published content.

Clear Existing Line Spacing

Choose to quickly re-inherit line spacing from the default Title options.

Resource Manager Asset Download and Replace

Now allows you to download and replace assets in order to more quickly change resources in a title.

Improved Functionality for Bullets and Numbered Lists

Left padding for bulleted and numbered lists are now dynamically calculated to prevent the left-hand side of the text block from appearing cut off.

Enhanced Media File Functionality

Users can now utilize the getTrackTime and setTrackTime methods to save the current time of a media file or jump to a specific time in a media file.

Strengthened Fail-Safe on Objects that have Position and Size Locked

Objects that are set to Size/Position locked will no longer be selectable by single-clicking or double-clicking the object on the page in order to avoid accidentally selecting locked objects.They can only be selected via the Title Explorer.

Improved Performance and Speed on Destination Directory Selections

Selecting the Destination Directory while sharing a title has enhanced performance.

Facilitated Easier Title Management

Published content will now include the original Lectora title name for easier title management.

Added Validation for Top-of-File Scripting

HTML Extension objects with a Type of Top-of-file scripting will now validate that the content is a valid DOCTYPE specification.

Enhanced Radio Button Group Selection

Users can now execute the Change Contents action on a Radio Button Group to initially select a specific Radio Button.

You can view a complete list of new features here.

Issues Fixed:

Responsive Course Design

  • The Progress bar will no longer lose its outline if overridden in a different view in the context of a Responsive (RCD) title
  • Custom radio buttons and checkboxes within a Responsive title will no longer lose their selection when the browser window is resized to different views
  • Pages no longer incorrectly scroll from left to right when viewed in Phone Landscape mode
  • Adding a text block with an embedded image now correctly retain a Responsive title’s Saved state
  • Applying a theme to a Responsive title will no longer initially set the incorrect, non-default page height
  • Issues displaying embedded images in text blocks when changing the views of a Responsive title have been resolved


  • Audio files that are set to hidden will not be announced by screen readers
  • Titles with Web Accessibility enabled and Questions set to Always on Top will now publish with the correct fieldset and legend tags to be properly identified and announced by screen readers
  • The screenreader JAWS will no longer read the graphics file name when announcing a button in IE 11


  • When playing a video that is initially hidden and then shown via a Show action, it will no longer overlap the bounds of either the container or the controller bar
  • When videos are played in fullscreen mode in a title published with the Title Manager, there will no longer be objects that will display on top of them
  • Using the Tab key and the Spacebar to initiate and pause media files will no longer act upon multiple files simultaneously
  • The Closed Caption option ‘On/Off’ selection will be retained for all media across all pages so that the user does not have to select the option each time
  • Issues resolved with audio events being renamed and actions reset when edited after being initially created


  • Attached documents are now referenced incorrectly in SCORM manifest files.
  • Titles published to SCORM 1.2 will no longer cause manifest errors related to Flash Player and Silverlight elements
  • Documentation has been added to specify examples of generally accepted values for reserved SCORM variables, such as AICC_Lesson_Status


  • Buttons in the Publisher are no longer enabled when the user has canceled out of creating or opening a new title
  • Buttons in the Publisher are no longer enabled when the user has canceled out of creating or opening a new title
  • Using the Title Wizard to create a Shared title with the Standard e-Learning Template no longer causes an error in the application preventing the title to load
  • In the Variable Manager, the Edit button on the Unused tab is now correctly disabled
  • Errors resulting from using the Background Wizard on the Design Tab have been resolved
  • Title Search run by Admins and Projects Manager will now return titles with no team members are assigned to them
  • Selecting Page Preview multiple times will no longer cause the title to shift in the Publisher or change views


  • Statements for Transitions in Debug Mode now show the object’s name rather than its HTML name
  • Removing a Zipped Folder as an Attachment through the Resource Manager no longer returns an error
  • Users are no longer prevented from deleting a reference after it has been added to an object
  • Variable name changes will no longer update objects that are not checked out in shared title
  • Adding a library object that contains a Table of Contents with status indicators will now properly import all the associated icons
  • Objects with ‘Offset from right’ selected and placed on the left edge of the page or ‘Offset from bottom’ selected and placed at the top of the page will now show correctly when published
  • Copying and pasting a progress using a Reserved Variable will now retain that variable in the pasted object
  • Shadows will no longer shift positions when the object is selected and deselected by the user
  • Modifying the Width and Height of multiple selected Stock Buttons will now update correctly
  • Version updates will now correctly set the Menu object’s background image and status indicator icons
  • Drawing shapes will generate the correct coordinates, width, and height in the status bar and Position and Size tab


  • Undoing the name change of a Test with a Test Section will now correctly rename the Test Section variable with the original underscore
  • Copying/pasting Entry Fields will now properly retain the original Entry Field’s selected associated Variable
  • Questions contained in pop-up windows will now correctly retain the variable’s value.
  • Custom radio buttons larger than 19×19 will now be exported to a pkg file with the correct size so they are not cut off in Lectora desktop titles
  • Questions can no longer be added to a Group


  • Triggers will now update when actions are moved from a text button to an action group when the user uses the copy and paste, cut and paste or by using the drag function
  • When an Action is selected, the Group Selection option from the Home Ribbon is no longer disabled


  • Published content has been updated so that drag and drop on a mobile device is not captured as a swipe gesture and users can utilize the cursor to select text
  • Content opened in a frameset rather than a new window will no longer display in small size in the top left corner when viewed on an iOS device
  • A title will no longer be prevented from loading in iOS if Safari’s Browser Private Mode is selected
  • Users will no longer encounter errors entering text into an entry field when a title is launched in IE8 or IE11 in emulation mode for IE8
  • Users can now use Javascript to reference a Form object’s variable using its HTML name
  • Using the Scroll To action in a Lightbox Pop-up Window will no longer cause the
  • Title Bar Text or Pop-Up window to change position
  • Titles with files that contain non-breaking spaces will no longer prevent the title from loading successfully in ReviewLink


  • Text Font will now correctly display on the Home Ribbon when a text block is being edited
  • When pasting bulleted text, the font size will now be retained so that the user no longer has to go to the List Properties and manually adjust
  • Bulleted and numbered lists will now retain their respective formatting when used in Firefox
  • Alignment of bulleted/numbered lists will follow alignment rules designated by the end user and no longer left align regardless of the alignment selected when used in Firefox
  • Bullet alignment has been addressed so that it is uniform in size when adding text in a text block via copy/paste, entered text, or imported titles
  • When modifying choice text in the Question editor, the original text style will be retained
  • Numbered lists using standard numbers or Roman Numerals where the number is greater than 99 will no longer appear cut off in the text block
  • Text will no longer incorrectly show an empty Font and incorrect Font size of 10 when edited
  • Copy paste functionality from MS Office applications will retain original format of text.

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