gomo release notes – version 3.6.0

Scale to fit option for theme background image

We have added in a new ‘scale to fit’ option in the theme settings to provide content authors with the ability to set background images to scale when viewed on different screen sizes and devices.  All core gomo themes have been updated to support this.

Editor save optimisation

We have enhanced the editor save process to ensure all content updates are saved correctly when using the default save option as well as the save option triggered when a content author previews when changes have not yet been saved.

Project list loading speed optimisation

We have enhanced the project loading list to improve the speed of loading when.

Language options in preview

Following the addition of the language options in preview in release 3.5.19, we have increased the load time allowance to accommodate slower connections.

Scrolling after full screen playback on smartphone and tablets

We have addressed an issue where scrolling a screen on smartphone or tablet would behave erratically after a full screen video had been viewed on some devices.

Video transcript HTML formatting

We have updated the video player asset to ensure HTML formatting characters are handled correctly when added to a video transcript.

IE11 jQuery update

We have updated the jQuery version as a result of inconsistent loading issues in Internet Explorer 11.

Subscreen scrolling

We have addressed an issue where a subscreen failed to load correctly if it was launched from another subscreen.

Duplicate project listings

We have addressed an issue where by navigating into a project and back into a folder would cause the project to appear twice in the project listings even though only one project exists.

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