gomo release notes – version 3.5.18

Addition of target path support for external link actions

We have added in target path support for external links. When the ‘external link’ action is added (e.g. to a button or text link), content creators can now specify the desired HTML target path destination (e.g. _blank, _self, _parent, _top) to determine how the link should behave when gomo content is embedded in an iFrame.

iOS video handling limitations

Playback of video content within a single HTML application is limited by the operating system to 17 videos. If an attempt to load an 18th video is made, the video will fail to load. We have implemented a number of enhancements to our video player asset to overcome this.

Video player multi-language closed caption support

We have enhanced the video player asset to support multiple closed caption files (VTT) when used in a multi-lingual course. Content creators will now have the option to upload a vtt for each language configured in the course.

Hotspot hover over translation XLIFF export / import

We have enhanced the hotspot asset to support XLIFF export / import of alt text content (shown when a learner hovers on a hotspot) so that alt text content can be translated when used in a mult-lingual course.

Last activity time / inactivity monitor

To assist future development of custom assets / functionality in the gomo player, we have now added in a new variable to retrieve the last activity time of a user.

Continuous scroll topic load enhancement

We have implemented an update to that way in which continuous scroll topics are launched to ensure that all assets shown in the screen sequence are initiated correctly.

Select from List triggered by display condition on smartphones

We have addressed an issue where a select from list question asset was unresponsive on a smartphone if the visibility of the question had been triggered by a display condition.

localization xliff file update

We have addressed an issue relating to the localization xliff file was incorrectly setting the source and target path languages to the same value.

Multi-language course duplication

We have addressed an issue whereby in some scenarios when a multi-language course is duplicated, updates in the duplicated course to the default / base language were not always saved correctly.

Video transcript button

We have addressed an issue whereby the video transcript button would not always display the transcript content when accessed via some smartphone devices.

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