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These are our most popular training options – but there are plenty more.
Each session is customisable to fit your team’s real life needs and your trainer will be in contact before the day to make sure you get the most out of your time.

Fundamentals training focuses on the core capabilities of Lectora but is geared toward first-time users.
This course introduces the components of Lectora Inspire’s interface and gets you familiar with the core concepts of developing with Lectora Inspire including the book metaphor, inheritance, and building basic pages. You’ll also become familiar with Lectora Inspire’s partner tools! The session covers how to create a title from scratch, create interactive components, and prepare your project to be uploaded to your Learning Management System.

Training - Fundamentals

In Lectora Intermediate, we go beyond the basics and look at more advanced building techniques in Lectora.
At this session we look to reinforce the skills you’ve already homed in the Fundamentals session while also introducing practical skills such as using variables to control and expedite actions, how to set events during media,  how to create conditions and control user navigation.

business people on monitor report graph and business analyze

This training course covers the entire process for developing your CenarioVR projects. We’ll provide best practices/ tips and tricks for effective storyboarding and make sure you’re ready for “the shoot”.
Whether you’re shooting full 360° videos, taking 360° still-images or planning to use media sourced elsewhere, we will advise on  how best to setup and take the shots, how to manage the 360 degree “equirectangular” media files and much more. This session also covers the use of all CenarioVR functionality including building the content and testing. The  course introduces the components of Cenario VR’s interface and gets you familiar with the core concepts of developing your scenes and scenarios within a 360° space.

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This hands-on session is made to introduce you to the multi-device power of gomo.
Working directly with the gomo authoring tool, at the end of this session you will not only understand how to design content, create interactivity and assessments, but also cover practical areas such as managing users and accounts, setting up and uploading assets, and  publishing your content so that it’s ready for your Learning Management System.

On completion of this session, you will be able to configure the related part of the system on your own. This session covers the LXP Look & Feel, Adding Users and Groups and Creating Content.

Monthly Training

Join our monthly live and interactive Lectora Training sessions!
Join one our Content Developers as they take you through the ins and outs of Lectora Best Practice, highlighting Shortcuts, must-know Features and Functions and valuable Tips and Tricks.
Make sure you’re getting the most out of the new content templates, assets, tools, and more, in the lastest Lectora.
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2021 / 2022 Training Dates

Lectora Fundamentals: Nov 17 * Dec 8 * Jan 19 * Feb 16 * Mar 16

Lectora Intermediate: Oct 20 * Nov 24 * Feb 2 * Mar 23

*fees may apply


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