New In Lectora® 2023


What do the top L&D leaders want in an authoring tool in 2023? According to Learning Guild, they want faster development of engaging and immersive eLearning experiences.

Lectora®, the most powerful authoring tool in the world, now offers unparalleled learner engagement.

Here’s what’s new in Lectora® and why it’s uniquely designed to meet the needs of top performing organisations in rapidly delivering cost-effective immersive learning experiences.

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Create The Perfect “Iterative Learning & Feedback Loop”

How do you add active practice to your learning ecosystem?

eLB’s Learning Solutions Engineer Domenic Caloia and Micah Eppler show you just that, featuring Rehearsal, a video practice and coaching system by ELB Learning.

It’s a cloud-based system and it’s available via web or mobile app.

There are two ways of deploying Rehearsal.

  1. One is as a standalone tool—totally separate from whatever learning platform and delivery tools you’re using.
  2. Second, you could launch it from within an LMS.

Rehearsal gives you the ability to actually see what your learners are doing. Are they performing up to the criteria where you want them to perform?

Consider this: With a regular asynchronous type of learning platform, where you’re pushing learning to your learners, you could do a quiz or an assessment or a poll to find out what they thought about the training and how well they did.

But will they perform that well on the job? You have to wait and see. Six months later, you go to evaluate if they’ve improved.

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