Get Started with Lectora Online

Lectora Online: Collaborative Online Authoring For eLearning on Any Device, Anywhere.

In this 30 minute webinar, let us show you how Lectora Online combines Lectora’s powerful authoring features, with real-time collaboration, automated versioning and backup, built-in workflow and project management, and integrated content management.

Experiential Learning: How BranchTrack Does It Best

Scenarios promote deep learning by letting your users dive in to realistic incidents where they consider a range of factors, make decisions and reflect on the outcomes – and BranchTrack makes this all easy to achieve!
Do you know how to use this rapid development tool?
Let us show how BranchTrack, as a part of the Lectora Inspire suite, lets you engage your learners in an exciting new way.

Make Better Looking Visuals in Snagit 13

We use images every day and for the most part, they pass by in the background. But when we see a bad image, we notice.

Let’s take a journey together to see how to create stellar graphics in a program you already have access to with your Lectora Inspire license – SnagIt 13! We’ll show you how to use this tool like you’ve never expected and create graphics that will blow your clients away.

Creating Effective System Simulations in Camtasia

System Simulations are a highly effective way of upskilling new staff on your internal systems.

Join us in this webinar where we’ll share our own experiences capturing and editing system simulation footage. We will not only be addressing editing videos in Camtasia but also explain the ways in which you will be enabled to streamline your process by adding all of your annotations, narration and footage in one take while recording.

Gain the knowledge you will need to quickly and easily produce engaging, effective system simulations.

Lectora Desktop to Cloud – Workflow Best Practices

Want more flexibility in your work flow?

Lectora Inspire for desktop and Lectora Online in the cloud are fully integrated! Get the best of both worlds when you work between these two programmes – the power of Inspire coupled with the flexibility of Online. Let us show you a whole new way to work allowing you to access the greatest number of tools and develop in any location.

In this session we will:

  • Identify the differences between Lectora Online and Inspire
  • Go through how to share files between desktop and the cloud
  • Talk about best practices in each programme
  • Share our experiences working between these two programmes

Duration: 30 mins