Lectora Desktop to Cloud – Workflow Best Practices

Want more flexibility in your work flow?

Lectora Inspire for desktop and Lectora Online in the cloud are fully integrated! Get the best of both worlds when you work between these two programmes – the power of Inspire coupled with the flexibility of Online. Let us show you a whole new way to work allowing you to access the greatest number of tools and develop in any location.

In this session we will:

  • Identify the differences between Lectora Online and Inspire
  • Go through how to share files between desktop and the cloud
  • Talk about best practices in each programme
  • Share our experiences working between these two programmes

Duration: 30 mins

Get Started in Lectora Templates with eLearning Brothers

Join Jennifer Valley, Trivantis® Community Manager, along with Andrew Townsend at eLearning Brothers for an exciting look at rapid course development. During the session, she will build a course from start to finish using Lectora® Inspire 17 and the eLearning Brothers Template Library, Cutout People Library, and Interaction Builder.

70:20:10 and your Learning Technology Strategies

“How to Achieve a Higher Level of Performance by Providing Continuous Learning and Development in Context.”

Join Charles Jennings, co-founder of the 70:20:10 Institute, and ITC Learning as they explore the use of learning within the workflow to drive higher levels of performance in your organisation.

Charles will cover…

  • How top performing companies provide real-time support of learning within the context of daily workflow (with examples!)
  • Why continuous learning is so important and how to build that into your eLearning Strategy
  • Common mistakes that managers make implementing eLearning and how to avoid them
  • How technology platforms and content strategies and tools can underpin the 70:20:10 reference model


Supported by

  • 70:10:10 Institute
  • ITC Learning
  • Trivantis