Moving Objects in Camtasia

Learn how to make your video content fly across the screen in Camtasia to grab viewer’s attention or create custom transitions.

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How to lock down navigation in Lectora

If you want to guide users through your courses, and ensure that they are learning all that they need to, locking down page navigation is a great way to start.

This means to disable navigation buttons such as next or back to ensure a user completes activities before allowing them to continue. This stops your user being able to rapidly click through your course to say that they’ve finished the module.

Navigation lockdown is achieved in two stages…

  1. Deactivation
  2. Reactivation


To deactivate our “Next Page” button, click on the page and add an action with the following properties…

  • Trigger : On page show
  • Action : Set State
  • Target : Next Button
  • State : Disabled


Next, we must tell Lectora when to re-enable the Next button. If your question or activity has a submit button, we can use that to reactivate our navigation. Add an action to the submit button with the following properties

  • Trigger : On Mouse Click
  • Action : Set State
  • Target : Next Button
  • State : Enabled

Conditions (Optional)

If you like, you can choose to have your next button activate only if the answer was correct.

To this, we use conditions. Conditions gives you further control on how and when actions occour. To create a condition, click on the conditions button in the actions tab where we just were. With the conditions creator, we are going to choose the variables that will form the basis of our conditions. Under variable, we are going to choose “Question 2”, and the relationship will be ‘is correct’. This means the Next button will activate only if the question was correct, and the user will be allowed to continue to the next page.

Initially Disabled (Lectora 17)

In Lectora 17, there is an option to ‘initially disable’ a button when the page loads. This means that a button will be disabled from the moment the page loads, without having to create an action.

To do this…

  • Click on the button
  • Click on the properties tab
  • Check the box that says “Initially Disabled”.

Remember though, If you navigation button is inherited into multiple pages, it will be initially disabled on every page it appears on. If you don’t want this, using actions is the preferred method.

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A notice regarding Custom Result Submissions in Lectora Inspire

For anyone using the custom results submission Google Drive/email options in the assessment chapter, be aware that there has been some changes to how Lectora works in those regards.

If you are facing issues with recording results from your eLearning Content, please contact ITC Learning Support.

Easily send your Lectora project files to others

If you need to send your in-progress Lectora project files to another team member or even to ITC Learning Support, the simplest way to do this is to create a zip from Lectora. To do this, open your title and click on File > Export > Zip.

Once you have choosen your export location, click OK and a .zip file will be created where you specified. This file can now be copied onto a server, or shared using a Dropbox link or email.

Lectora Inspire Upgrade FAQ’s

Is there a cost to me?

No!  If you have a current JumpStart or Maintenance agreement, the upgrade is complimentary.


I have a trial version on my machine – will that affect my new installation?

If you have downloaded the trial version of Lectora, this software can be converted to a retail version by inserting the serial/registration code you will be issued with.


Do I have to remove my current Lectora software?

Yes you do.  It is a breach of your contract.  If Lectora software is detected during the installation process, you will be prompted as below and it will uninstall and continue the installation of Lectora.  Maintaining different software versions may also cause unnecessary confusion. During the installation and un‐installation process you will need a live internet connection.


Do I have to register the software after installation?

Yes you do.  If the software is not registered all content built will contain a trial watermark and the software will shut down after a 30 day period.


I have built content using the trial version of Lectora – can I still access this?

Yes, you can.  Just open your content files in the live/retail version of the software and watermarks will be removed.   Resave and carry on.