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Lectora Online 4.0 Update

Lectora Online 4.0 includes the following updates and fixes

New Features:

Seamless Play

The primary new feature of Lectora Online 4 is Seamless Play publishing. When the Publish for Seamless Play option is selected on the HTML Options tab during publishing, your title will smoothly flow from page to page, eliminating the screen wipe commonly associated with HTML pages. This is the new default option, and the biggest change in this release.

Automatic Playing of Media on Mobile Devices.

Audio and video will play automatically on smartphones and tablets.

Anchor the Position of an Object while Scrolling.

Specify whether the object will maintain its location on the page within the view, even when the view is scrolled.

Update the Character Pose from the Properties Ribbon.

If you’ve selected the wrong character, there is no need to delete it. You can now change the character or pose on the ribbon.

Add a scannable QR Code object to the title.

Add a scannable QR Code to your title. Include plain text, web links, contact information, calendar events, and more. Continue reading “Lectora Online 4.0 Update”