gomo release notes – version 3.13.5 – 3.15.0

New Theme – Tempo

We have added a new theme to the default theme library called Tempo.

iFrame Aspect Ratio support enhancement

We have enhanced the iFrame asset to support aspect ratios. This will improve the presentation of external videos (e.g. YouTube).

Video asset in accessibility mode

We have addressed an issue where the video asset would not display correctly when a learner returns to a previously visited page in accessibility mode.

Glossary extra on iPhone SE

We have addressed an issue where the glossary extra failed to function correctly when viewed on an iPhone SE after the learner had rotated from portait to landscape mode.

Topic importer project list

We have addressed an issue where some projects were not being listed in the topic importer wizard.

Comic Strip height

We have addressed an issue where the Comic Strip asset text content overflow did not calculate correctly in some scenarios. This caused the content reveal to display incorrectly.

Right click actions for projects

We have addressed an issue where the right click options for projects were no longer available after a user had selected delete project.

Special characters used in navigation extras 

We have addressed an issue where by special characters used in navigation extra titles would cause an issue when trying to access the ‘navigation and tracking’ options in the topic editor.

Video on intro topic

We have addressed an issue where the screenshot service used to capture topic thumbnails would fail to create a thumbnail for an introductory topic if the first screen in the introductory topic contained a video.

Obsolete Software Version – Lectora 12

We wish to notify users that in light of Trivantis’ release of version 18 of Lectora Publisher and Lectora Inspire, effective 30 days after the date of this notice, we will no longer provide technical maintenance or customer support services to users of Lectora Publisher and Lectora Inspire version 12.

Customers who continue to use Lectora Publisher or Lectora Inspire version 12 and are under a current contract, should upgrade to the latest version (version 18) at no additional cost to maximise the value of their maintenance plan.  In version 18, you can expect major enhancements including an updated application appearance, greater ease of use, and more contemporary interface for creating eLearning materials.

Please note that your IT department may not allow the use or installation of “unsupported” software versions.  If you find yourself with version 12, please advise your IT department to bring the software up to date.  This involves renewing your contract. Please contact us or call us on +612 9438 2500 for more information on your specific contract details.

This notice is consistent with Trivantis’ policy of supporting the current major version of the generally available software, plus the prior two major versions, in this instance (versions 16 and 17) of the referenced Trivantis software.

We sincerely value our relationship with all our customers and hope that we can assist you in all your future eLearning endeavors.

Contact us for further information, and to upgrade now click here!

gomo release notes – version 3.6.3

Scorm tracking in IE11

We have addressed an issue where courses running in IE11 were failing to track correctly in SCORM 1.2.

Last updated sort order in gomo authoring

We have addressed an issue where by projects did not appear correctly if sorted by ‘Last updated’ if no folders existed in gomo authoring.

Videos used in multi-lingual courses

We have addressed an issue where by videos did not switch to the relevant language version when used in a multi-lingual course

Non-alpha numeric characters showing as HTML code for page titles in xAPI

We have addressed an issue where by non-alpha numeric characters were showing as HTML code for screen titles when logged as an xAPI experienced statement. The update will now log these correctly.

2 screen topic completion in continuous scroll mode

We have addressed an issue where by a 2 screen topic would fail to mark as completed when the user reached the end of the topic if the topic was configured to display in continuous scroll mode.

Mail to action supporting special characters

We have enhanced the mail to action functionality to support special characters in email addresses

Vertical navigation icons in IE8

We have addressed an issue where by vertical navigation icons were not showing correctly when a project is viewed in IE8.

gomo release notes – version 3.6.2

New Drag and Drop asset

We are pleased to announce the release of a new drag and drop interaction which is now available to all customers in gomo authoring. You can find out more about how the drag and drop assets works in our support video.

Project duplication – Translated screen titles

We have addressed an issue with the project duplication process where by a translated screen title in a multi-lingual course did not get duplicated correctly.

gomo release notes – version 3.6.1

Enhancement to resource selection in editor

We have implemented a number of performance enhancements for the resource selector used in the gomo editor to improve the speed and performance of navigating large resource repositories.

Preview mode enhancement

We have improved the layout/display of the device type options available in the course preview feature.

Project publish clean up enhancement

We have made a number of updates to the publish process to remove any code associated with assets that may have been added during the build of a course but subequently removed prior to publish.

Question re-attempts in continuous scroll topics

We have addressed an issue where attempting to answer a question for a second time in a continuous scrolling by answering the question, scrolling to another page in the topic and then back to the question and answering again would cause odd behaviour with scrolling

Popup windows in accessibility mode

We have addressed an issue when a course is running in accessibility mode whereby when a navigation extra was launched (Help, resources or glossary) and then closed, the masking layer used behind the popup did not disappear and thus prevented users from navigating the main content area.

Scrollbar theme colours

We have addressed an issue whereby the webkit scrollbar colours were not being applied to the scrollbar in some of our core themes.

SCORM scores in non-assessment courses

We have updated our SCORM tracking functionality to address an issue whereby a course without assessment was returning a score value of 0%, when no assessment was used in the course. It now returns the value ‘undefined’.

gomo custom variable for topic score

We have updated the topic score custom variable to ensure it displays the correct score value when used and an assessment has been completed.

Task system topic screens

We have addressed an issue whereby in some circumstances, the review/tasks system did not always populate the list of screens that exist in a topic correctly.

Resource extra label XLIFF import

We have addressed an issue whereby if the label for the resources topic shown on the navigation bar in a course was updated via XLIFF it would not update correctly when the XLIFF file was imported.

Intro topic thumbnail

We have addressed an issue whereby if the intro topic contained a video on the first screen in the topic, our screenshot server failed to take a screenshot of the topic.

Deleted projects continue to display after deletion

We have addressed an issue whereby a deleted project was still visible in the project listing as a result of the project listing cache not getting updated correctly.

Sub-folder project listings

We have addressed an issue whereby viewing a project in a sub-folder and then navigating back to the sub-folder would show an incorrect list of projects.

Multi-language course transfer

We have addressed an issue whereby a course containing multiple languages did not transfer correctly when the project is transferred from one account to another.