CenarioVR Support



Define your hotspot as a drag item, drop spot, or spinnable object with the latest release of CenarioVR.

    Pick up and place “drag items” in any drop spot. Then explore and add new actions that are available when the item is picked up and dropped.
    Define “drop spots” as allowing single or multiple dropped objects. Then trigger actions when learners drag or drop objects in or out of the drop spot.
  • SPIN
    Make your 3D models spinnable objects to allow learners to freely move them with a mouse or controller.
  • New Style Options for Questions—The Choice Is Yours (and Theirs)!
    Engage learners with a choice card or question card.
    Dress it up with lettered or numbered answers.
  • Easier Assignment Settings
    Assign scenarios to new users and groups in just a few clicks.
  • New Actions to Amp Up Scenarios Published to the Web

  • Attach Documents
    Add a standard document to your web-published scenarios, such as PDF, DOC/DOCX, XLS/XLSX, and more. It will launch in a browser when using the new “Open Attachment” action.

  • Include Weblinks
    Directly link your scenario to web pages by selecting the new “Web Link” action. The link will be opened in a new browser tab.
  • WebXR Support for Oculus Browsers

Introducing Clips!
Once you create and set up the perfect scene, just package your objects and resources into a reusable Clip.

  • Save a Clip.
    Save a portion of your scenario to the new Clips tab of the media library. Then reuse it and modify it in as many scenarios as you like.
  • Use a Clip.
    Simply insert your clip into any scenario.
  • Share a Clip.
    Export a clip to your local machine and share it with your team.
  • Copy & Paste Between Scenarios
    Simply copy a set of objects, then paste into a new scenario. All the actions, resources, and variables copy over seamlessly.

NEW! Desktop Touch for Published Content
Now you can use your fingers to navigate the 360-degree environment on an iPad in Desktop mode, or a touchscreen laptop or surface device.

3D Models to Rotate & Animate

  • Create your object in GLB format and watch it come to life!
  • Set your object in the perfect position with 3 handles for rotation.
  • Use it as a hotspot & trigger movement using an Animate action.
  • Put it in preview mode to experience it for yourself!

New Media Library – Including 3D Objects!

  • Search & peruse a gallery of icons, actions, 3D shapes, & 3D objects.
  • Color and customize all of your objects any way you like!

Animate Any 3D Form Imaginable!
With animation, your 3D Models come to life. They can tell short stories, give product tours, or behave any way you’d like. Simply upload your animated 3D Models and have them play in CenarioVR.

SVG File Support

  • SVG image files are now supported everywhere!
Move, Size, Copy, & Paste Items As One Cohesive Set
  • Items can be multi-selected in both the editor view and the list view.
  • Plus, when multi-selected, items move and size together, are copied and pasted together, and can even move in the list together


Organize Objects into a Single Target That Can Be Shown or Hidden with an Action
  • Create a layer to organize a loose collection of objects and provide a single target that you can show or hide with a single action.
Create a Group of Objects All on the Same Plane
  • A group of related objects can be displayed on a single plane within the 360-degree sphere.
  • Moving a group will retain the relative positions between all the items within the group

View Quick Video

Fixed Position
Have you ever wanted to put a heads up display in your content? Now it’s easy! Just mark any object as Fixed, and it will stay in that position no matter which way you turn. Fixed objects are on a flat plane in the user’s field of view in each device.

You can now add a timer to any scene with options for display type, count up, or count down. Plus, you can even trigger actions when the time is done!

New Actions
In addition to the Play and Stop actions for Audio and Video, there is now a new Pause action, which does not reset the media time.

Spatial Audio
Move your audio where you want to hear it! 

Now when you activate the new “Spatial Audio” property within your audio object, you will see an audio icon representing it. Once it appears, you can place it anywhere needed.

Spatial Audio in Video
Experience the sound of video wherever you place it! 

Videos now include spatial sound by default. Right, left, forward, or behind you, wherever you place it will be how you hear it.

Volume Levels
Adjust each audio and video object as needed.

The new volume control icon makes fine-tuning easy!

Audio Preview
Hear it for yourself!

Now you can do a quick sound check of an object by simply clicking the play button.

Crossfading Scenes

  • Watch each scene smoothly transition into the next one automatically without fading to black.

Exit Action

  • Add an exit action to each scenario to close the experience when hosted on CenarioVR or using a headset.

Custom Preloading

  • Specify and customize which screen is shown when preloading a scenario.

OR Conditions

  • Customize action handling by including “OR” statements when setting multiple conditions.

Public Scenario Setting

  • Give Organization Administrators the option to specify whether public scenarios are visible to users.

Animate Your eLearning Any Way Imaginable!

  • NEW! “Animate” and “Stop Animation” actions let you control effects across objects.
  • Add more interactivity to each hotspot with new “On Hover In” and “On Hover Out” actions.
  • Shortcuts including “This Object” now make it simpler to target the object you’re animating.
  • Customize your eLearning with full variable support including the ability to set values, add conditions, and modify actions.
  • Transform the appearance and movement of each object by adding effects!

New Hotspot Sounds

  • Configure each click and hover with default sound, no sound, or any sound you like!

New “My Scenarios” Tab on Mobile Apps & Headsets

  • Now you can view your published content within “My Scenarios” without assigning it to yourself.
New! Oculus Go App
Just grab it from the Oculus Store to enjoy native support for the Oculus controller, downloading of scenarios to the device, & analytic reporting from VR.
New! Samsung Gear VR App
Snatch it up on the Gear VR store to get native support for the Gear VR controller, downloading of scenarios to the device, & analytic reporting from VR.
New! LIVE Score Updates
Watch as it changes and updates on your screen.
New! Selection Animation
Check out the new “grow animation” when selecting an object on non-“gaze to select” devices. Or, if using a cardboard-style device, you’ll see a new selection circle.
“Pan to Object” in VR!
Enjoy changing your perspective in VR on ALL devices! Now you can simply spin the camera around with the “Pan to Object” action. Boom!
Firefox & Firefox Reality WebVR Support
The new Firefox desktop app and Firefox Reality app allows you to use most headsets with CenarioVR including the Oculus Rift, Lenovo Daydream, and HTC Vive Focus.
New Shortcut! Copy & Paste Entire Scenes
Scenes now have a right-click menu for copying and pasting content along with objects and timed actions.
New Shortcut! “Create a Copy”
Want to build another scenario? No problem. Now the dashboard cards allow you to quickly create a copy of a scenario.