Lectora Inspire 17.0.4 Update

Lectora Inspire 17.0.4 and Lectora Publisher 17.0.4 include the following updates and fixes:

Issues fixed in this release:


LD-2447 RCD On phone portrait when the keyboard is in use, the view changes to landscape
LD-5080 Crash in LHP when deleting objects just after hidden object group
LD-5352 German translation of Initially hidden
LD-5386 Phone Portrait View Not Being Applied


LD-5443 Inherited form objects with values will not allow page navigation in IE
LD-5592 Crash when copying/pasting web windows
LD-5604 Audio Controller appears as black rectangle on iPad
LD-5606 MP4 Video – Fullscreen option doesn’t show
LD-5592 Crash when copying/pasting web windows


LD-5513 Action groups with invalid actions break published page


LD-5041 Drag and Drop with multiple correct drop zones not counted as correct in test score or test results

LD-5376 Multiple Choice question incorrectly scored

LD-5622 Titles freezing during Randomized Tests


LD-4908 Audio auto-start not working if not on the first page when running within an iFrame for iOS only
LD-5187 Publishing on iOS with commas for decimals breaks shapes on published pages
LD-5345 Two pages loading at once with Seamless Play publishing
LD-5406 “Display audio/video closed captions by default” not working with Seamless Play publishing
LD-5407 Closed Caption selection not being retained
LD-5418 Publishing to xAPI with Seamless Play publishing causes course to close when advancing to next page
LD-5431 Closed Captions do not start automatically nor retain setting between pages
LD-5433 Auto-start media not playing on mobile devices
LD-5500 Non-RCD titles stay zoomed in on mobile devices
LD-5518 Crash when publishing to CourseMill
LD-5558 Published xAPI with Seamless Play publishing does not load in LMS

You can download this service pack here, or Download a Free Trial of the latest version of Lectora Inspire here.

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