Lectora Inspire 17.0.2 Update

Released on: February 13, 2017

Lectora Inspire 17.0.2 and Lectora Publisher 17.0.2 include the following updates and fixes:

LD-4932   External HTML Appearance option causes page not to display
LD-4972   Crash when adding page, due to corrupted pagelayouts
LD-5021   Course won’t open in v17/IE8 due to JS errors
LD-5044   Initially Disabled text not translated for Brazilian Portuguese
LD-5047   Starting Camtasia Recorder though Start Menu gives message saying trial expired
LD-5049   Remove Resource message not translated correctly for Brazilian Portuguese
LD-5050   About Lectora text incorrect in Brazilian Portuguese
LD-5051   “NONE” in Number and Bullet list drop down not translated for non-English languages
LD-5052   “Publish for Seamless Play” incorrectly translated for Brazilian Portuguese
LD-5053   Status indicator misspelled on insert ribbon for Brazilian Portuguese
LD-5055   Missing BranchTrack string resource for all non-English languages
LD-5056   Missing Anchor image resource for all non-English languages
LD-5072   Crash when navigating the Title Explorer using arrow keys when you get to hidden objects
LD-5074   Initially Disabled and CSV strings not translated for Spanish
LD-5087   The Help button on the Publish to ReviewLink does not launch Help
LD-5100   SCORM content containing a test will not launch in IE8
LD-5163   Autotstart String missing in all non-English languages

LD-4987   Transparent buttons from v16 titles not coming into v17 correctly



LD-4977   Test Result submission to Custom Script causes Javascript error


LD-5018   Non-English installations issues with Seamless Play publishing
LD-5084   Cannot publish xAPI to Docebo
LD-5086   Getting “File too large” error when uploading title to ReviewLink
LD-5141   Customer is unable to publish to HTML


You can download this service pack here, or Download a Free Trial of the latest version of Lectora Inspire here.

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