How to lock down navigation in Lectora

If you want to guide users through your courses, and ensure that they are learning all that they need to, locking down page navigation is a great way to start.

This means to disable navigation buttons such as next or back to ensure a user completes activities before allowing them to continue. This stops your user being able to rapidly click through your course to say that they’ve finished the module.

Navigation lockdown is achieved in two stages…

  1. Deactivation
  2. Reactivation


To deactivate our “Next Page” button, click on the page and add an action with the following properties…

  • Trigger : On page show
  • Action : Set State
  • Target : Next Button
  • State : Disabled


Next, we must tell Lectora when to re-enable the Next button. If your question or activity has a submit button, we can use that to reactivate our navigation. Add an action to the submit button with the following properties

  • Trigger : On Mouse Click
  • Action : Set State
  • Target : Next Button
  • State : Enabled

Conditions (Optional)

If you like, you can choose to have your next button activate only if the answer was correct.

To this, we use conditions. Conditions gives you further control on how and when actions occour. To create a condition, click on the conditions button in the actions tab where we just were. With the conditions creator, we are going to choose the variables that will form the basis of our conditions. Under variable, we are going to choose “Question 2”, and the relationship will be ‘is correct’. This means the Next button will activate only if the question was correct, and the user will be allowed to continue to the next page.

Initially Disabled (Lectora 17)

In Lectora 17, there is an option to ‘initially disable’ a button when the page loads. This means that a button will be disabled from the moment the page loads, without having to create an action.

To do this…

  • Click on the button
  • Click on the properties tab
  • Check the box that says “Initially Disabled”.

Remember though, If you navigation button is inherited into multiple pages, it will be initially disabled on every page it appears on. If you don’t want this, using actions is the preferred method.

Thanks for watching. If you have any questions at all, feel free to visit us at, or contact our support line at

Get Started in Lectora Templates with eLearning Brothers

Join Jennifer Valley, Trivantis® Community Manager, along with Andrew Townsend at eLearning Brothers for an exciting look at rapid course development. During the session, she will build a course from start to finish using Lectora® Inspire 17 and the eLearning Brothers Template Library, Cutout People Library, and Interaction Builder.

A notice regarding Custom Result Submissions in Lectora Inspire

For anyone using the custom results submission Google Drive/email options in the assessment chapter, be aware that there has been some changes to how Lectora works in those regards.

If you are facing issues with recording results from your eLearning Content, please contact ITC Learning Support.

Lectora Inspire 17.0.4 Update

Lectora Inspire 17.0.4 and Lectora Publisher 17.0.4 include the following updates and fixes:

Issues fixed in this release:


LD-2447 RCD On phone portrait when the keyboard is in use, the view changes to landscape
LD-5080 Crash in LHP when deleting objects just after hidden object group
LD-5352 German translation of Initially hidden
LD-5386 Phone Portrait View Not Being Applied


LD-5443 Inherited form objects with values will not allow page navigation in IE
LD-5592 Crash when copying/pasting web windows
LD-5604 Audio Controller appears as black rectangle on iPad
LD-5606 MP4 Video – Fullscreen option doesn’t show
LD-5592 Crash when copying/pasting web windows


LD-5513 Action groups with invalid actions break published page


LD-5041 Drag and Drop with multiple correct drop zones not counted as correct in test score or test results

LD-5376 Multiple Choice question incorrectly scored

LD-5622 Titles freezing during Randomized Tests


LD-4908 Audio auto-start not working if not on the first page when running within an iFrame for iOS only
LD-5187 Publishing on iOS with commas for decimals breaks shapes on published pages
LD-5345 Two pages loading at once with Seamless Play publishing
LD-5406 “Display audio/video closed captions by default” not working with Seamless Play publishing
LD-5407 Closed Caption selection not being retained
LD-5418 Publishing to xAPI with Seamless Play publishing causes course to close when advancing to next page
LD-5431 Closed Captions do not start automatically nor retain setting between pages
LD-5433 Auto-start media not playing on mobile devices
LD-5500 Non-RCD titles stay zoomed in on mobile devices
LD-5518 Crash when publishing to CourseMill
LD-5558 Published xAPI with Seamless Play publishing does not load in LMS

You can download this service pack here, or Download a Free Trial of the latest version of Lectora Inspire here.

70:20:10 and your Learning Technology Strategies

“How to Achieve a Higher Level of Performance by Providing Continuous Learning and Development in Context.”

Join Charles Jennings, co-founder of the 70:20:10 Institute, and ITC Learning as they explore the use of learning within the workflow to drive higher levels of performance in your organisation.

Charles will cover…

  • How top performing companies provide real-time support of learning within the context of daily workflow (with examples!)
  • Why continuous learning is so important and how to build that into your eLearning Strategy
  • Common mistakes that managers make implementing eLearning and how to avoid them
  • How technology platforms and content strategies and tools can underpin the 70:20:10 reference model


Supported by

  • 70:10:10 Institute
  • ITC Learning
  • Trivantis


CourseMill 7.5 is here!

The newest version of the CourseMill Learning Management System by Trivantis has been released.

One of the highlights of CourseMill 7.5 is the new intuitive learner interface. Designed to help students manage their courses, the new interface has a customisable dashboard enabling students to display, resize and move panels to suit them.

The 7.5 upgrade also comes with a new mobile application. The mobile app also features a new user interface and new functionality. Not only can you download and take your content offline, but the mobile app also incorporates support for non-SCORM content, such as PDFs, audio and video files.

To further facilitate customisation, the structure of CourseMill 7.5 has been rewritten as an API. This essentially allows you to write custom interfaces and reporting procedures, as well as integrate with other systems.

To learn more about the new features and to upgrade your current CourseMill software, contact us at ITC learning.

Click below to access a CourseMill 7.5 New Features video, hosted by the Trivantis Chief Technical Officer, John Blackmon.

How to log into ReviewLink’s Australian Server

ReviewLink is a cloud based system that developers can use to share eLearning content with key stakeholders.

You can upload content to ReviewLink directly from Lectora, by selecting Publish in the Development Tab, and locating ReviewLink in the dropdown. You can also upload courses published to SCORM from the ReviewLink web portal.

Before you publish however, you must ensure that your account is set to the Australian server of ReviewLink. To check or change this from within Lectora, go to your File Tab then select Lectora Preferences. In the window that appears, select ReviewLink from the left hand side menu. As in the image below, change the Host to

If you already have a ReviewLink account, you can also log in on this screen. Otherwise, do not change any of the other information.

If you would like more information on how to use ReviewLink or how to integrate this into your company’s development cycle, please contact ITC Support at 1800 337 999 or

Lectora Inspire 17 is HERE!

LOOK OUT!  Lectora v17 is here jam packed with even more features and functionality to ensure your digital content development is efficient, effective and successful.
Join us as we introduce some of the new features and functions such as:

BranchTrack Integration – Easily create scenario-based eLearning with BranchTrack, integrated right with the Inspire Tools. Then add scenarios right into your Lectora course.

Seamless Play – This new publishing feature enables smooth transitions within your courses—for both desktop and mobile—giving the end user a more immersive view of the course

Auto-play Media on Mobile – Now, you can provide the same engaging experience on mobile devices as on the desktop. Media can now automatically play when a page is opened, simplifying delivery of voice-over narration and video content.

Lectora Inspire 17.0.2 Update

Released on: February 13, 2017

Lectora Inspire 17.0.2 and Lectora Publisher 17.0.2 include the following updates and fixes:

LD-4932   External HTML Appearance option causes page not to display
LD-4972   Crash when adding page, due to corrupted pagelayouts
LD-5021   Course won’t open in v17/IE8 due to JS errors
LD-5044   Initially Disabled text not translated for Brazilian Portuguese
LD-5047   Starting Camtasia Recorder though Start Menu gives message saying trial expired
LD-5049   Remove Resource message not translated correctly for Brazilian Portuguese
LD-5050   About Lectora text incorrect in Brazilian Portuguese
LD-5051   “NONE” in Number and Bullet list drop down not translated for non-English languages
LD-5052   “Publish for Seamless Play” incorrectly translated for Brazilian Portuguese
LD-5053   Status indicator misspelled on insert ribbon for Brazilian Portuguese
LD-5055   Missing BranchTrack string resource for all non-English languages
LD-5056   Missing Anchor image resource for all non-English languages
LD-5072   Crash when navigating the Title Explorer using arrow keys when you get to hidden objects
LD-5074   Initially Disabled and CSV strings not translated for Spanish
LD-5087   The Help button on the Publish to ReviewLink does not launch Help
LD-5100   SCORM content containing a test will not launch in IE8
LD-5163   Autotstart String missing in all non-English languages

LD-4987   Transparent buttons from v16 titles not coming into v17 correctly



LD-4977   Test Result submission to Custom Script causes Javascript error


LD-5018   Non-English installations issues with Seamless Play publishing
LD-5084   Cannot publish xAPI to Docebo
LD-5086   Getting “File too large” error when uploading title to ReviewLink
LD-5141   Customer is unable to publish to HTML


You can download this service pack here, or Download a Free Trial of the latest version of Lectora Inspire here.